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We have had so many of our guests request packing lists, or wonder why it isn’t necessary for them to buy entire new wardrobe for their vacation. So, Lauren, our luxury Guru, has put together a little guide to help you. Clothing Travelling in both summer and winter, temperatures can fluctuate from 10 °C in the evenings and early mornings, to 40°C during the mid-day and afternoons. So a variety of t-shirts, shorts, sweaters and longer pants is very often recommended. Winters

The Safari Architects team had a recent safari in the Sabi Sands Private Game reserve, where we spent time exploring Londolozi and Savanna. Below is a brief outline of our stay: It’s quite difficult to explain a feeling or an emotion. I think as humans this is inherently difficult, but with animals, its body language, smells, sounds and actions that say it all. If you were to see my reactions and read my “animal” signs from when I arrived at Londolozi

Every day I wake up and dread the sound of my phone going off with another update on a rhino that has been poached. This crisis is very real and the threat of our rhinos going extinct is a reality. There are many people on the ground doing tireless work, and these people must all be commended.  But, this work needs to be combined with the powers that be at government level, and pressures must be put on our “friends”

Co-owner Chris Renshaw recently spent 10 days guiding guests in the Sabi Sands at Savanna Private Game Reserve, and was blown away by the phenomenal sightings. Here is a brief outline of what he and his guests experienced: Every time I visit, or guide, in the Sabi Sand, I am reminded of what an amazingly diverse and wild place it is. Sightings of high profile game are always available, but what makes this place special is the regularity of these sightings

On a recent trip with Safari Architects and Wilderness Safaris through Namibia, I was blown away by the diverse nature and sheer size of this magnificent country. One of my favourite places has to be Damaraland. I fell in love with this vast and rugged land, with its rolling sandstone mountains, open bare grasslands and large episodic rivers. Although the beauty of this place lies in its’ vastness and remote nature, there is a huge array of adapted creatures that

“In a few words, how would you describe it?” This was the first question a family member asked me upon my return from a recent Namibian safari with Wilderness Safaris. Epic, untamed, vast, harsh, beautiful, quiet and awe inspiring!   All of the above are words that can be used to describe Namibia. It is an enchanting country that I can now say I have had the immense pleasure of visiting. The safari I was on took me from Windhoek, down to

In each room at Singita Ebony Sabi Sands, a painting set is placed. When I enquired as to why these were there, Madeleine’s response was a simple “Incase you feel inspired.” Inspired does not begin to express what you feel from the moment you enter the world of Singita’s properties. It feels as though the word does little justice to the transformation that your soul feels during the course of your stay. The Safari Architects’ Team were very privileged to have

20/02/2012 - Sighting of a lifetime I often get asked by guests, “what is the best sighting you have ever had?’ This is difficult to answer as there are so many unique interactions that you witness on a safari, but being a big cat fan, one comes to mind! We set out on an early morning safari from &Beyond Leadwood camp in the Sabi Sands aiming to catch up with the resident pride of lions.  My guests were also leopard mad, and

01/02/2012 - Lion dynamics On a recent trip to the Savanna Private Game reserve in the Sabi Sands game reserve, I was once again lucky enough to see the mighty and famous Mapogo male lion coalitions and one of the resident female prides, the Ximungwe pride.  These lions are one the main reasons why I am so fascinated by lion behaviour, and I have learnt so much about pride dynamics from them. I have had countless sightings with these incredible lions