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Mar 2012

On a recent trip with Safari Architects and Wilderness Safaris through Namibia, I was blown away by the diverse nature and sheer size of this magnificent country. One of my favourite places has to be Damaraland. I fell in love with this vast and rugged land, with its rolling sandstone mountains, open bare grasslands and large episodic rivers. Although the beauty of this place lies in its’ vastness and remote nature, there is a huge array of adapted creatures that

“In a few words, how would you describe it?” This was the first question a family member asked me upon my return from a recent Namibian safari with Wilderness Safaris. Epic, untamed, vast, harsh, beautiful, quiet and awe inspiring!   All of the above are words that can be used to describe Namibia. It is an enchanting country that I can now say I have had the immense pleasure of visiting. The safari I was on took me from Windhoek, down to