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Author: Jeannette Joynt

Silflay is located in South Africa’s Klein Karoo. This formerly agricultural land was acquired by Nicky and Colin Souness in 2019 so that it might be preserved and managed for conservation purposes. Silflay boasts some of the best residual ‘renosterveld’ (a critically endangered variant of the cape ‘fynbos’ vegetation type) left in the country. Like protea fynbos, Renosterveld is very diverse and rich in locally endemic plant species. It is also home to some of the richest bulb flora in

Cape Town is a city where anything is possible; it’s magic lies not only in the number of activities and adventuring one can do, but also in the wonderful mix of cultures, the electric atmosphere and the mesmerising aesthetic of the city. This dazzling place is either the starting or ending point for many of our safari guests. Some either would like to rest up and energise before their great adventure out into the wild, whilst others may prefer to wind down

This week we chat to Brett Horley. Brett is a safari specialist and experienced private guide, currently with over 15 years’ experience in the field. Over these years, Brett has guided for some of Africa’s top safari companies including Singita, Lion Sands and Letaka Safaris. Recently, he has joined the team here at Safari Architects. Let's hear more about Brett's story

“ L E T T E R S   F R O M   L I O N S ”     Letter Two: Tom tells us about his 50th birthday safari in South Africa.     “As my 50th birthday got closer, my family kept telling me that I was never going to believe the gift they got me, they said it was a birthday I would never forget! A few months before my birthday, I was told to make sure I cleared all my plans for the

This week we chat to Nicky Souness. Nicky’s expertise as a guide, host and photographer has been shaped by over a decade of work at some of South Africa’s most prestigious game reserves. She also took part in many incredible polar safari expeditions to Antarctica, journeys which she shares with us in stunning detail throughout our interview with her

“ L E T T E R S   F R O M   L I O N S ”   Letter One: Sandra tells us about her first experience in the Okavango Delta.   “I have always heard about Africa through movies, documentaries and articles; that it is a wild utopia filled with the most magnificent animals and natural scenery. So, you could imagine my excitement when my husband surprised me with a trip to the Okavango Delta for our 30th wedding anniversary!   When the day finally

  This week we chat to Daniel Crous, expert safari guide and wildlife photographer! We met Daniel in February 2018 while on safari in the Okavango Delta, and wanted to give you all some insight into his exciting career and rich background in the wilderness. He has currently just wrapped on shooting the acclaimed BBC Earth series Dynasties Meerkats. Read below to learn more!     Safari Architects: Where did you grow up and what ignited your passion for the wilderness and wildlife photography?   Daniel Crous: I was born in England and

As this wild year draws closer to an end, we are all longing for something we once had in the palm of our hands. For different people, these longings will be unique; ranging from family gatherings to a simple visit with an old friend. To us personally, our longing is for something that once filled our minds, bodies and spirits with a sense of simultaneous magic, excitement and tranquility all at once, something which we were able to share with

  Singita Ebony Lodge; a wild yet tranquil oasis in the middle of the Kruger National Park. On our last visit to this magical location, we experienced something truly incredible whilst out on our morning game drive. As we climbed into the game vehicle, we were a buzz with conversation and hope as to what the morning may bring. We drove around the surrounding wilderness, in awe of the birdsong, wind dance and early morning sun show that unfolded around us.   After