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Author: Candice Arnold

I love leopards. I love seeing leopards, but I love finding leopards more. The thrill of searching for the elusive solitary cat, the Princess of Darkness. They don’t always give themselves away so easily, therefore we rely on alarm calls of other creatures like squirrels, Vervet monkeys, baboons, birds, all of which don't like leopards and hence tell us exactly when they are around.     One day while on safari in Southern Africa, while sipping a cocktail by the pool midday, we

  The safari is an all-encompassing emotional experience. One does not just experience one emotion when out on a life-changing adventure like a safari, but many. One may think that a trip to Africa is simply just that, a trip, a vacation. However, until one actually arrives and falls into the experience, one cannot understand the deep impact it has on your mind, body and soul. There is raw adrenalin, there is deep appreciation, there is electric excitement, there is blunt

  The alarm rang at 5am. I peeked out from beneath my blanket into the dark room and wondered how today might differ from all those that had preceded it over the last 18 months. In truth, this day was about to offer me more than I could ever have imagined. This day was the start of an adventure. This day was special. I was going on a safari!   Since my youth I have lived quite differently to most. Since completing my photographic studies

The safari we were about the embark on was set to be one of the most memorable and magical experiences any of us could ever have imagined! It was prime safari time in Southern Africa; the end of the dry season had just arrived meaning that temperatures were perfect for successful game viewing!   After one night in Johannesburg at the beautiful Athol Place House and Villa, we took a slow start to the morning before heading off to the airport where our

The time is finally here, the time for us to once again visit Africa and experience all her soul-stirring enchantment. For a long time now, her beauty has been kept from us whilst we waited for our world to settle down. For over a year, we could only hold onto the memories we had made, the pictures in our minds, like the pages of a memoir. This time of absence was not an easy one, however, one may chose to

We started off our amazing journey in Johannesburg, using it as a day to relax and acclimatise before our real safari adventure began. Whilst we were here, we took a tour of Constitution Hill, a truly powerful experience as we explored South Africa’s history of racial separation. Although hard to take in, it was important to explore the harsh truths which made South Africa what it is today.   Back at our hotel, we had a wonderful dinner and a good night’s

East Africa is an incredibly special part of the continent. It is home to a wide range of differing landscapes and habitats; from the rainforests of Rwanda to the endless plains of the Serengeti. If one wants a safari that truly encapsulates Africa's magic, East Africa is the perfect place.   We began our journey in the historical city of Kigali, Rwanda. Rwanda’s recent history is marred by a unthinkable genocide which took place in 1994 and claimed the lives of about