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December 2021

I love leopards. I love seeing leopards, but I love finding leopards more. The thrill of searching for the elusive solitary cat, the Princess of Darkness. They don’t always give themselves away so easily, therefore we rely on alarm calls of other creatures like squirrels, Vervet monkeys, baboons, birds, all of which don't like leopards and hence tell us exactly when they are around.     One day while on safari in Southern Africa, while sipping a cocktail by the pool midday, we

  The safari is an all-encompassing emotional experience. One does not just experience one emotion when out on a life-changing adventure like a safari, but many. One may think that a trip to Africa is simply just that, a trip, a vacation. However, until one actually arrives and falls into the experience, one cannot understand the deep impact it has on your mind, body and soul. There is raw adrenalin, there is deep appreciation, there is electric excitement, there is blunt