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Being a wildlife enthusiast, explorer and photographer, I hold a deep fascination with any new discovery in the natural world.  And so I thought I would share some of the recent documentaries and wildlife articles I’ve come across  that definitely piqued my interest. I have selected content for you on a variety of topics from around the globe illustrating the wonders of the natural world from all over.

I grew watching the BBC’s “Wildlife on One”. Being synonymous around the globe for embodying wildlife documentaries, Sir David Attenborough is naturally someone I look up to. The BBC has been at the forefront of groundbreaking wildlife documentaries for many years. Their Planet Earth series, volume 2 which has recently aired is no exception. Numerous other shows like “Blue Planet”, “The Hunt” and “Life of birds” also offer viewers some insane footage of animal behaviour. They are all most definitely worth a watch. Here are some video clips from them. After watching, I encourage you to actually purchase the box sets or download the full series. More often than not, the proceeds from these shows support some of the bigger conservation projects where their filming took place to help protect the precious natural wonders they depict.

Some recent wildlife articles:

You may also wish to read through these interesting articles which contain some thoughtful insights into lesser known species.

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