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The second quarter of 2017 has been a blur. The year has flow by and we are now recollecting our thoughts before setting off on new adventures around Africa. This quarter has seen the team travel throughout Southern Africa including  South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and even venturing up to Kenya and Tanzania. We are looking forward to some amazing adventures in the next quarter, but for now, browse through our best moments from the past 3 months. Photographs by: Mike

  Being a wildlife enthusiast, explorer and photographer, I hold a deep fascination with any new discovery in the natural world.  And so I thought I would share some of the recent documentaries and wildlife articles I've come across  that definitely piqued my interest. I have selected content for you on a variety of topics from around the globe illustrating the wonders of the natural world from all over. I grew watching the BBC's "Wildlife on One". Being synonymous around the globe