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Top 25 images from the first quarter of 2018

For us, there is no better way to share our experiences than through the imagery we are fortunate enough to capture whilst on safari with our guests. Our goal is to portray an experience that resembles the moment, as closely as we can. If you shared any of these moments with us, we hope they bring back some of the fondest memories. If you did not, then we hope they encourage you to investigate joining us on a safari soon!

A male lion walks across an open grassland in search of his next meal.

A beautiful portrait of a leopardess surveying all that is hers.

An extremely rare sighting of an elusive predator, the Caracal.

Not one, but 4 black rhino in one photograph, with an elephant as the observer.

Something a little different. An nyala’s beautiful striped coat after a rain storm.

A leopard cub emerges from its den site to explore a new world.

3 of the 4 Mantimahle males, a coalition that has established itself in the South reaches of the Sabi Sands.

Sundowner drinks with a crash of rhino, a hyena, and some amazing people.

White rhinos, photographed at ground level.

A magical scene… Aa ancient tree, a leopard, and the iconic Lala Palms of the Okavango Delta.

Low angles of a group of buffalo enjoying a late afternoon drink.

Textures of the delta are so nostalgic.

An incredible sight to witness in the wild. A white lion cub, exposed for moments from its den site.

Which side of a zebra has more stripes?

An aerial perspective of the wonderful world in which this rare Sitatunga presides.

A dominance that is felt through presence alone.

An intimate and intimidating approach.

Gazing over an open abyss.

The day lilies of the delta.

Duba plains and their famous lions!

A perfect position for a perfect descent.

Details are found in every inch of these giants.

A favourite from the last few months.

 Photographed by: Chris Renshaw, Mike Sutherland and Matt Murray