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Top 25 Images of the Second Quarter

The second quarter of 2017 has been a blur. The year has flow by and we are now recollecting our thoughts before setting off on new adventures around Africa. This quarter has seen the team travel throughout Southern Africa including  South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and even venturing up to Kenya and Tanzania.

We are looking forward to some amazing adventures in the next quarter, but for now, browse through our best moments from the past 3 months.

A few wet faces after hunting through the mud.

An intense hunt at Duba Plains.

Iconic Red Lechwe of Botswana.

Like a ghost in the night, this leopard disappeared in minutes.

A moment captured in time beautifully illustrates the life of this predator.

A san bushman listens to some distant sounds of the bush.

Calm waters of the selinda spillway.

A young leopard awaits its moms return.

A young male lion reaching a stage in his life when he will leave his pride and begin a life on his own.

An afternoon canoeing down the spillway.

Playful fighting between a mother and her cub.

A peaceful afternoon overlooking the Timbavati River.

Golden sunsets with peaceful pachyderms.

Eye level with African Wild Dogs.

A beautiful mornings with a young male leopard as he embraces life alone.

A family of Meerkats warms themselves in the last afternoon light before heading down their burrow for the evening.

A majestic elephant bull on his way to a waterhole for an afternoon drink.

A stunning morning with this lion pride in the Kalahari.

Dreaming of an african safari, this is what comes to mind.

Sitting around a fire made by this man, by hand.

A young lion emerges from the undergrowth.

A juvenile ground hornbill showing before take off.

Flap necked chameleons, a wonderful addition to any game drive.

Milk of life.

Photographs by: Mike Sutherland and Chris Renshaw