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Jun 2017

In 2009, slight tectonic movements coupled with the high waters in the northern parts of Botswana brought life back to the Selinda concession. A body of water that historically joined the Okavango river, via the Selinda Spillway to the Linyanti. Now, each year, as the waters begin to rise, the spillway offers a unique opportunity for adventures to hop on their canoes and experience a wilderness as the explorers of old once did. As the dry season approaches, the Spillway begins to

The second quarter of 2017 has been a blur. The year has flow by and we are now recollecting our thoughts before setting off on new adventures around Africa. This quarter has seen the team travel throughout Southern Africa including  South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and even venturing up to Kenya and Tanzania. We are looking forward to some amazing adventures in the next quarter, but for now, browse through our best moments from the past 3 months. Photographs by: Mike

  Flying over the Okavango delta is simply breathtaking. When this unique and wonderful continent was created, with all its mysteries and wild places, the Okavango was not with us. Through the planets own shear will it was created. With her internal forces of molten magma, subterranean quakes and constantly changing crusts, this unique paradise was formed. In Northern Botswana mother earth's crust twisted, shifted and subsided, and the rivers that flowed over this area were diverted and channeled in a