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Letters From Lions #1

“ L E T T E R S   F R O M   L I O N S ”


Letter One:

Sandra tells us about her first experience in the Okavango Delta.


“I have always heard about Africa through movies, documentaries and articles; that it is a wild utopia filled with the most magnificent animals and natural scenery. So, you could imagine my excitement when my husband surprised me with a trip to the Okavango Delta for our 30th wedding anniversary!


When the day finally arrived for us to travel to Africa from our hometown of Austin, I kept replaying what I had been told about this magical place in my mind. However, what I was about to experience was far beyond what anyone could have prepared me for.


Once we landed in sunny South Africa, we boarded our private aircraft to Botswana (you only celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary once y’all!). After a few hours we finally flew in over the waters of the Okavango Delta and could even spot elephants and other animals from the air! Never in my life could I have even dreamt up such a breathtaking entrance.

Then, when we arrived at our camp, I was surprised all over again by the beauty of the lodge and especially of our own room! The exquisite bed, the modern bathroom and don’t even get me started on the view! We could see the delta waters directly from our patio, meaning that we could also see many different animals coming to drink. Was this real life? A question I asked myself and my husband many times!


From the minute we flew in over this water wonderland I knew this was going to be a life-changing vacation!”