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Top 25 Images for the Quarter

A firm favourite, here are the top 25 images from our guides for the quarter. Enjoy!

A lioness and cubs on the move.
An incredible and unique sighting...
A drift of warthogs with some tiny piglets.
A young elephant calf learning how to use it's trunk.
The Okavango Delta from the air.
The Three Musketeers.
A group of local residents playing on a sand bank in the middle of the Sangha River.
A small lion cub looks at a very curious journey of giraffe.
Beauty and poise...
Playful pups after a successful hunt.
Cheetah and cubs having a drink.
The red dunes of Namibia.
Leopard and cub.
An elephant bull in the Okavango Delta.
A lioness babysits her pride's cubs.
One of the legendary trackers that worked their magic.
A striking portrait.
A small breeding herd make their way into the Bai.
The perfect moment: the gorillas we were tracking popped out exactly where the tracker said they would!
Up close and personal.
The rolling dunes.
Perfectly camouflaged.
On one of the treks, the whole group ended up in a tree... even the silverback!
Entry into the forest...
An elephant bulls strolls through the Bai whilst the suns sets.