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Mar 2020

Growing up, I always loved maps. I would look at all the wild expanses of land across Africa and dream of visiting them one day. In particular, there was always a massive part of Central Africa that always shone green and so vast that I wasn't sure what it was. I just knew the name, the Congo. I would put my finger on the map tell my parents: "that's where I'm going to go one day!"

The festive season is, as the name suggests, celebratory and exciting. Add to this the thrill of adventure and surprise, and you have it made for an incredible safari. The family I was to guide had three young adults aged, 21,19 and 17 and their parents. I met and introduced myself to them in Johannesburg, as they wanted to learn more about the history of the country before flying out to our first safari destination.

To be able to visit three unique destinations across three different African countries, is a truly incredible experience. It allows one the opportunity to see the most spectacular wildlife, wilderness and cultures, all in a different light.