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50 Moments of 2018


It’s finally the time of the year to reflect on the incredible experiences we have had with you, our guests. Life-changing moments, breathtaking sightings, luxurious lodges, incredible people and all round truly wonderful adventures to be remembered forever. So without further ado, here are our Top 50 moments of 2018. We hope that some either take you back to a personal moment, excite you for a future adventure, ignite your emotions or entice you to plan your own unique safari with us! These images were a joy to capture, so please take a few minutes and immerse yourself in the magic of this past year…

Chris & the Safari Architects Team

How many cheetah can you see?

A mother gently carries her cub. Tenderness personified!

Surise of summit day at Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa.

A birthday sunset drinks surprise at Chief’s Camp on Chief’s Island.

An endless dune paradise.

A view of the Okavango Delta form a helicopter at sunrise.

Karim, a memorable character and friend showing off a local hat made from a water lily.

The Twelve Apostles peaks along the Cape peninsula, as seen from the top of Table Mountain.

A leopard rests completely at ease up in a tree, the most natural place for her to relax.

Fireside entertainment and story telling under a magnificent African sky.

A mokoro ride to a unique drink stop experience – a table right in the middle of the channel.

Climbing the monstrous “Big Daddy”.

A white rhino and her calf at eye level…

Fun times in the Serengeti at Singita Grumeti Reserve.

The energy of the Great Migration captured in one image.

The red sun rises over the Namibian desert.

The perfect pair! Cape penguins at Boulder’s Beach.

Toasting to another beautiful beach sunset in Mozambique.

A beautifully contrasted image shows the splendour of Africa.

A mountain gorilla and her baby in Uganda.

We came across many smiling faces while on safari in Rwanda.

Windows to the soul. A beautiful leopard stares deeply out onto the plains.

Memory-making in progress!

A rare sighting of a normally elusive behemoth – the Black rhino.

No fighting at the dinner table! Hyena cubs race to be the first to drink their mother’s milk.

Odd one out. A journey of giraffe decorate the otherwise baron landscape.

The eyes of the innocent.

A male lion holds on tight to a carcass he stole from a leopard.

Misty sunrises in the Okavango Delta.

Gold really does exist at the end of the rainbow.

A male lion’s face tells the stories which his eyes have experienced.

Two heads are better than one. Wild dogs rely heavily on teamwork to track prey!

Riding through the waters of the Okavango Delta.

A leopard cub bravely staring us down in the vehicle.

Two of the most persecuted animals in one photograph. Not only are you extremely lucky to see one black rhino, but to see four out in the open with a bull elephant in the background is absolutely surreal.

An elusive Caracal makes a rare appearance and takes our safari to the next level.

Spurwing geese also wanted to join in on the rainbow action.

Some old school dress-up fun!

This image was a life goal for me as a conservationist and photographer.

A leopard seeking lofty heights.

A regal lion wears his crowning mane proudly.

Five male cheetah vs one wildebeest… a real showdown but not much of a fight in the end!

A herd of elephants giving us the salute whilst a swallow photobombs!

Cheetah silhouettes under the blue African sky.

A lioness throttles an unfortunate zebra to death. A ruthless and raw moment.

The largest land mammals dwarfed by the size of the African landscape.

Deep eyes glowing in the shadows.

Inquisitive eyes from above.

Rightside up or upside down? The Okavango Delta perfectly reflects the glowing sky above.