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A Safari Architects bespoke safari through video

“Multi-country-safari-travel, personalised, privately hosted and privately chartered” This is what Safari Architects offers you.

But through words alone, it is difficult to explain the type of safari you’ll enjoy until you come away with us. We will provide you with the ultimate African adventure. During your trip, a private guide will accompany you throughout and manage your experiences, from assisting with your wine selections to getting you the most out of your wildlife viewing. You will have a private aircraft and pilot, allowing you the freedom of movement without relying on standard air travel. And yes, pilots have personalities as big as the machines they fly. You will visit remote yet luxurious lodges; any added activities you wish to partake in, can be organised quickly and professionally.

The video below represents a recent safari and what we got up to. We visited 3 different countries, stayed at 3 world class safari lodges, did some amazing activities, and had incredible game viewing. Added to that, you are sure to enjoy delicious dining, fantastic experiences and there you have it –  A safari of a lifetime.

Safari Architects. Creating Memories. Living the Dream.