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The Magic of the Mother City

Cape Town is a city where anything is possible; it’s magic lies not only in the number of activities and adventuring one can do, but also in the wonderful mix of cultures, the electric atmosphere and the mesmerising aesthetic of the city. This dazzling place is either the starting or ending point for many of our safari guests. Some either would like to rest up and energise before their great adventure out into the wild, whilst others may prefer to wind down and enjoy the luxuries of the city just before heading back home to reality…


Cape Town’s Majestic Mountain.


To understand it’s wonder, one must first understand the how the city’s pieces fit together. Nestled right at the bottom of the African continent, along a booming shoreline and beneath an iconic mountain, is Cape Town. The exquisiteness of her backdrop is truthfully beyond comprehension; a majestic, tabletop mountain towers over the city below, creating a mind-bending visual from almost every angle. Table Mountain, as it is called, is the icon that everyone pictures when talking about this electric and vibrant city.  It has also unsurprisingly been recognised as a natural wonder of the world.




Within this modern metropolis lies an endless list of things one can do and see. One can start their morning bright and early with a walk up the iconic Lions Head or Signal Hill to gain new perspective of the awakening city below or, alternatively, one could take a scenic stroll along the  the beaches and promenades Cape Town boasts, to watch the first morning light illuminate the infinite waters of the ocean, like an ice skater gliding across the surface with colourful blades, leaving a glistening trace on every wave it touches.


There is an abundance of daytime activities one can experience in this colourful city. One can visit the local neighborhoods, each with their own character and unique history such as Bo-Kaap. One can walk through the halls of museums and gaze upon the faces and the stories that all made Cape Town the city it is today. One can just walk the streets and feel the city’s energy radiate around them. There are local craft markets, cafes and stores that all offer up the city’s personality in many ways, and from each one of these locations, one can almost always see the splendor of a mountain looking over one’s shoulder. A picturesque drive along the coast is always an extraordinary experience, where one can stop on the side of the road and look out over the gleaming ocean, where boats both big and small float together in the harbour or across the ocean. If you visit toward the end of the year, you may be lucky enough to witness the arrival of the Southern Right whales to the  shoreline, an experience unlike any other. There are all sorts of other wildlife residing in and around Cape Town, namely baboons, ostriches, caracal, abundant birdlife and even the adorable penguin colony of Boulder’s beach which is a highlight not to be missed.


An Ostrich On A Walk Along The Coast.


If one feels like another adventure slightly out of town, one can make the journey through to the incredible wine farms that the Western Cape is so famous for. Here, one can sit and enjoy the picturesque postcard-like views while the golden sun dances along the greenery of the vineyards. Besides these sterling wine farms; one can enjoy a collection of culinary delights within the city itself. The restaurants in the city all have great charm and character many of which boast internationally accredited and award-winning chefs.


Spier Wine Farm.


Finally, at the end of your evening, there is nothing more beautiful then standing on your balcony and breathing in the crisp night air whilst gazing out over the flickering lights of the city, physically watching the electricity flow in a range of white, yellow and colourful lights. The city at night is a true visualisation of beauty, life and vibrancy. The silhouette of the mountain, softly illuminated with the last light of the sun and the first light of the moon is a sight to behold. The stars above mirror the city lights below, creating a dome of glittering, living art for all to enjoy…


Lions Head By Starlight.


Cape Town, the Mother City as she is affectionately called, is a city of many diverse people, cultures, stories and forms of beauty. It gives it’s guests the gift of natural and wild splendour, while presenting them with a host of countless wonderful experiences. This is certainly the kind of city that, once visited, will change it’s guest forever and will leave a mark on their hearts to return. This city truly is the Mother City; the mother of all things, yet, most importantly, a mother, creator and protector of many different kinds of magic…