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Top 25 Images of 2019

As the year draws to a close, we reflect back on what images have been most liked on Instagram by our loyal followers. So, as voted by you, here they are!

1. An elephant calf emerges from the Mara River with a smile...
2. A herd of elephants greeting us in the Masai Mara.
3. A dazzle of zebra in the grasslands of the Serengeti.
4. An unlucky vervet monkey and its relentless hunter..
5. A crash of rhino in the vastness and dry conditions of Namibia.
6. A large pride of lions strolls nonchalantly down the road towards us.
7. A coalition of male lions out on patrol.
8. A very rare and beautiful white lioness resting on her tawny sister.
9. Two elephant bulls feeding on a floodplain in the okavango delta.
10. A male lion and his cubs.
11. The tree climbing lions of Ishasa, Uganda.
12. A tender moment between a rhino and calf.
13. Five cheetah brothers defend their carcass from hyenas.
14. A leopard cub poses beautifully on a tree limb.
15. An African goshawk and its unlucky prey.
16. A wild dog displaying natures brutality.
17. Lion cubs huddling together to keep dry and warm.
18. Hyena cubs playing with their mother.
19. An epic sundowner bar in the okavango delta.
20. The Selinda spillway from above.
21. Two male lions rest confidently together, fast asleep!
22. Up close and personal with a silverback gorilla.
23. A cheetah chases down an unlucky baby Thompson's gazelle.
24. A pride of lions crosses the Sand River.
25. A baby gorilla holds it's father's hand whilst playing around.