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Top 25 Moments of the Quarter

A male lion and his progeny… It’s not often that you get to see such a big powerful brute be so patient with his cubs.

A crash of rhino inquisitively approach our vehicle. What a great sight to see so many rhino together!

There is nothing like sipping on a coffee and taking photos of stars. This was taken while in Etosha National Park in Namibia

An incredibly unique and once in a lifetime sighting. Sad but a stark reminder of the harshness of the African bush.

Namibia truly is a special place that only once you’ve seen and experienced out will you really understand.

A lone ostrich in the vastness of a desert space.

Having a swim in the Okavango Delta… a cleansing of sorts by these pure waters.

A moster crocodile basks on a remote island somewhere in the Okavango Delta.

The profiled tress and sands of Deadvlei.

Zebra stallions having an intense fight!

A lioness turns her attention on us as we enjoy a sundowner at the lodge after a full day of safari. We bid a hasty retreat, after taking a few photos.

Thousands of quelea come to drink from a waterhole as the sun begins to set. The sound of the birds calling and flapping their wings is deafening and something to experience.

A Himba tribeswoman poses for a portrait. What an incredible cultural experience to visit a tribe that still remains authentic in a world so quickly losing its heritage.

A young male leopard stares at a group of guineafowl alarm calling as he moves through the bush.

A herd of desert adapted elephants move through the dunes on their way to a permanent water source.

Deserted adapted giraffe move through the Namibia desert in search of food.

Tengile River lodge is a beautiful upmarket lodge that has been added to andBeyond’s portfolio.

The moon light splashes down on the Sand River as the stars fight to be noticed in the sky above.

A pack of wild dogs play on the edge of pool of water in a river bed.

A six month old leopard cub scales a leadwood tree to get to the carcass its mother had stashed in the branches.

A male lion takes a moment to look back at the approaching lioness before continuing to quench his thirst after another hot day.

The tranquility of a the Sand River as it slowly flows towards its confluence with the Sabie River.

The golden morning light filters through the clouds as a bachelor herd of impala start the morning with a feed.

What a way to end the day with a drink in the hand watching the sunset as the sound of the birds saying goodnight fills the air.

Stars fill the sky above us as we enjoy a meal in the bush.