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Madagascar is one of those places that is a mystery to most. However, we know some of it through legend and a rather interesting Hollywood animated feature film with names like Alex, King Julian, Marty and Mellman. Luckily the film brought out a lot of the "character" that is Madagascar. It described its beauty, diversity and in a weird and wonderful way, its strangeness. It is an incredibly unique island that split from Africa millions of years ago, allowing it to

  We have all dreamt about or imagined spending time on a tropical beach on a remote island. It is the epitome of relaxation. We think of these places being in exotic locations like the Caribbean, Bali or Tahiti. However off the African coast, there are islands and atolls that would leave you speechless with their beauty, charisma and absolute isolation. Some of these islands are in the most remote locations, but have a sense  of luxury and pure relaxation that