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The great African Rift Valley, forged over millennia from forces deep below the earth, created a "crack" down the African continent. Associated with this crack are the consequent valleys and mountains formed by the splitting apart of the earth's crust. Wherever you have ancient volcanic activity, a multitude of thriving habitats are formed, sustained by the geological forces themselves and the highly fertile volcanic soils. The length of the "rift valley" is dotted with crystal clear lakes teeming with magnificent

East Africa - the original safari destination pioneered by adventurers and infamous international explorers worldwide. Vast open spaces with rolling grasslands interspersed with great lakes and volcanic mountains and added to this, the millions of wildlife that call this place home. A true eden on this beautiful planet. We have mostly managed to protect this space from a modern and expanding world with magnificent lodges that keep the sustainable ecotourism model rolling. Chris went on adventure with a group of