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Mwiba Tented Camp


Our Tented Expedition Camps are each nestled beneath a canopy of acacia trees and boast prime settings overlooking waterholes and other wildlife viewing areas. Explore the diverse wilderness terrains of Tanzania, ranging from uncharted grassy floodplains, acacia-strewn woodland, wide savannahs, river systems, and natural springs, all of which are teeming with life.

At Mwiba Tented, awaken at dawn as the sunlight slowly reclaims the land from the night. Gaze out from beneath the canvas over a world both unpredictable and infinite. Perched above a collection of natural springs along a ridge of staggering granite kopjes, classic safari tents are set within an acacia woodland of the great Mwiba Wildlife Reserve. Walk along the Great Rift Valley Escarpment at the drop-off, dance with the Da’toga, hunt with the Hadzabe or explore by private vehicle. A culturally meaningful and authentic safari experience, Mwiba leaves you transformed.

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