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Camissa House

South Africa

Framed by the iconic Table Mountain and celebrating uninterrupted views of the city of Cape Town below, a more spectacular location for a luxury hotel quite simply doesn’t exist. An eclectic mix of intimate luxury and inspired design elevates Camissa House to an experiential masterpiece. Sister to the award-winning MannaBay Hotel, Camissa House is destined to take the world by storm. Camissa, a name given to this area of Cape Town by its first inhabitants, the Khoi people, means “Place of Sweet Water.” It is this life-giving stream, flowing directly past our hotel, which prompted the Dutch to settle here, thus giving birth to the city of Cape Town as we know it today. Stepping out of the hotel, it is not hard to see where Camissa House’s design inspiration has been sourced. Table Mountain is on our doorstep and is the canvas for the Cape Floral Kingdom, one of the world’s great centres of terrestrial biodiversity. Camissa House is a celebration of Africa’s Cape, its heritage, its meandering history connecting mountain and sea, past to future and humanity to the earth.

Lodge Gallery

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