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The Top 25 Images of the Quarter


The Dive-Thru. Image: Robert Balog.


The Shadow Giant. Image: Wynand Uys.


Tiny Titan. Image: David Clode.


Kenyan Skyscrapers. Image: Howard Wilks.


Two Mimes. Image: Geran De Klerk.


Wild Baby. Image: Africa Geo.


Water Baby. Image: Henrik Hansen.


Caught off Guard. Image: Fanny Renaud.


Great Water Wings. Image: mlproject.


Field of Feathers. Image: Red Charlie.


The Tawny Tree. Image: Hans Veth.


Mischievous Baby. Image: Frans Van Heerden.


An African Spa. Image: Andrew Rice.


A Wild Disguise. Image: Poinger Herzschlog.


Two Racers. Image: Dean Bennett.


Leopard Rest Assured. Image: Maurits Bausenhart.


Monkey See, Monkey Do. Image: Stephen Rahn.


The Starting Block. Image: Jean Wimmerlin.


Elephant Shrew. Image: Toni Lerch.


Where the Grass is Golder. Image: Lisah Design.


The Surf Team. Image: Red Charlie.


Two Bills. Image: Photos by Beks.


Zebra. Image: Red Charlie.


Feeling of Pride. Image: Prince David.


Afternoon Cat Nap. Image: Maurits Bausenhart.