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Top 25 Images From The Third Quarter of 2018

A female leopard crossing the bridge at Xigera camp.

Giraffe in the dry Hoanib river.

Tusks and textures of an elephant cow.

The lion and the tortoise.

The famous Nqoga channel of the delta

Some surprises from a recent helicopter flight.

An unforgettable sighting.

No better way to spend an afternoon.

A Pel’s Fishng Owl in the Okavango Delta.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Stunning silhouettes.

The eyes of a hunter.

Close up of a prehistoric beast.

A fascinating and rare encounter of leopards mating.

Getting up close and personal with the herds of Abu camp.

No better way to experience the Delta than from a helicopter.

Giraffe manor offering the most unique experience.

Brings new meaning to the saying, “sink your teeth in.”

A mountain gorilla looks soulfully on to the rest of it’s troop.

The vast open plains ion he Serengeti allow for some amazing photographic opportunities. What better subjects then a dazzle of Zebra?

A once in a lifetime experience. A crossing of the Mara river during the wildebeest migration in East Africa.

Quad biking the expanses of Namibia’s Sossusvlei region.

Sitting around a fire with the sky above you and some talented dancers in front of you – bliss!!!

Sunrise atop Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro, something that’s worth the gruelling climb to see.

Selecting the top 25 images of every quarter is always such a tough task. There are so many memories and experiences from each safari, so how do we pic? We think the best idea is to let each guide decide what photographs bring back the best memories and that capture the moment and the essence of the safari they are leading. This allows some freedom of expression and shows unique styles of each person as well as the mood of the subject being photographed. We hope you enjoyed our top moments from the quarter.

Photographed by: Mike Sutherland, Chris Renshaw and Matt Murray