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It was a warm, lively and vibrant day in the Kruger National Park while we were out on our afternoon drive through the MalaMala concession. As the sun overtook us in the sky and headed downstairs to meet the horizon, a slight chill hugged us and told us that daylight was almost over. Just before the sun closed the door, it threw colorful blankets out over the wild, each a slightly different shade of orange, pink or purple. We continued

Africa is made up of countless astonishing elements, each playing a unique part in what makes it so special. To write about and elaborate on every single one of these would take a lifetime, therefore, let’s select a handful to take a closer look at. To narrow down our medley, let’s take an alphabetical approach…

It was a sunny February afternoon in the Timbavati Game Reserve, the wind was skipping through the trees and the birds were chanting overhead. Myself and my guests were on a bush walk, enjoying the treasures of the wilderness on foot, when one of the guests mentioned to our guide that we hadn’t seen lions yet, a statement which prompted him to say: “Oh, I saw lions tracks this morning…”

Growing up, I always loved maps. I would look at all the wild expanses of land across Africa and dream of visiting them one day. In particular, there was always a massive part of Central Africa that always shone green and so vast that I wasn't sure what it was. I just knew the name, the Congo. I would put my finger on the map tell my parents: "that's where I'm going to go one day!"

The festive season is, as the name suggests, celebratory and exciting. Add to this the thrill of adventure and surprise, and you have it made for an incredible safari. The family I was to guide had three young adults aged, 21,19 and 17 and their parents. I met and introduced myself to them in Johannesburg, as they wanted to learn more about the history of the country before flying out to our first safari destination.

To be able to visit three unique destinations across three different African countries, is a truly incredible experience. It allows one the opportunity to see the most spectacular wildlife, wilderness and cultures, all in a different light.