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Nicky Souness

Nicky Souness

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Nicky’s expertise as a guide, host and photographer has been shaped by over a decade of work at some of South Africa’s most prestigious game reserves. These have included Tswalu kalahari, Singita and AndBeyond. She has dedicated her professional life to guiding, nature photography and conservation, spending time in a variety of remote wilderness areas. This life in the wilds has furnished Nicky with not only her field guide qualifications but also a deep knowledge and understanding of Southern Africa’s flora and fauna. Sharing this with her guests, both through personal interaction and through the medium of photography, is one of her greatest passions.

In 2013 Nicky undertook a five month expedition to Uganda, travelling overland from Cape Town and back again. Her sole objective was to deepen her knowledge of and connection to the African continent, exploring as many wild spaces as possible and taking the time to understand the geography and cultural diversity of the land she calls home.

The past six years have seen Nicky develop her guiding even further by spending a large amount of her time in the Polar Regions, living a seemingly endless summer between the Arctic and Antarctic aboard expeditionary vessels. Between seasons however she works closer to home, continuing to guide guests to remote destinations in Africa.

Nicky won the South African Endangered Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2016 and has contributed material to both National Geographic and the BBC.

If she could give one piece of advice about planning a safari it would be to ensure that you provide yourself with enough time to really appreciate the little moments that may be placed in front of you.

Nicky is renowned for her ability to help guide people through the emotions of a safari. She is extremely attentive to guest needs and does a tremendous job in tailoring their experiences accordingly. Her passionate, friendly and relaxed manner enables her to connect with and inspire individuals as she travels with them, creating life-long memories.

When not on safari Nicky is based in South Africa where she lives on a nature reserve with her husband.