Guest feedback

July 2019

“We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an epic safari!!  You planned everything right down to the minute detail!  We loved each of the places we stayed at. Our guides and trackers were awesome. Food and wine delicious. Couldn’t even begin to describe the game rides. One was better than the next. Memories for a lifetime! ”

Hines Family – USA

June 2019

“We absolutely loved the trip! Both camps were amazing!”

Gray Family – USA

March 2019

“Overall we had an unforgettable trip in which your help with all the ideas & planning and Mike’s passion & expert knowledge of nature combined with his positive outlook & service orientation were key ingredients!! Thanks so much also to the rest of the safari architects team for creating this one-of-a-kind holiday!”

Inge – Netherlands

December 2018

“Our safari was everything you promised it would be.  It was exciting, amazing, and unforgettable.  I happened to run into a few of your past clients today so I had a chance to talk about all of it with people that are keenly interested in all of it.  It was fun to talk to them about the trip.
As far as feedback, I think all of your planning and suggestions were excellent.  The places we stayed were interesting and wonderful and comfortable.  We enjoyed all the little surprises and stops along the way.  Chris did a nice job of reading the signals and propping us up with coffee, snacks or a portable sound speaker when we needed it.  Having Roger with us in Cape Town was invaluable. You warned me that CT would be crowded on New Year’s weekend and it really was, but we still loved Cape Town.  I would go back there any time.
I will certainly continue to recommend SA to anyone that expresses interest in doing a trip like this.  I’m also happy to be a reference for you with any prospective families in the U.S.
Many thanks to you and Chris and the staff for all you did to make our trip a success.”
Kennedy Family – USA

August 2018

“Was fantastic and beyond expectations.  Thanks again for a once in a lifetime experience.”

Truwit Family – USA

August 2018

“Once again thank you (Safari Architects) for a truly wonderful experience. It will live long in the memory. The team did a great job (and I know you pulled out all the stops to get us into Jo’berg  on time – you sure have the right connections!!). Thank you and a huge thanks to Mike who was superb. Can’t wait till May next year.”

Rendell family – UK

July 2018

“Hi Brad,

We had the best time on Safari, truly a trip we’ll remember forever.  Safari Architects was over the top with every detail, helicopter rides, watching lions giraffes and elephants up close, delicious dinners and of course an impromptu dance party at sunset, planned to perfection. Matt was extremely knowledgeable about everything and kept us on track and laughing all week with his quick wit and his clever sense of humor. We couldn’t have ask for a better fit for our family. All I can say is we’ll be back!! I am already missing the amazing sunrises and sunsets in Africa.
Thank you again for rallying and making this trip come together on short notice. I can’t imagine a better place to have spent a week as a family.  Everything from start to finish was flawless, I am sure you’ll be seeing some of our friends in the near future.”
Culliton family – USA
July 2018
“first and foremost, our family thoroughly enjoyed the trip.   most importantly, our gorilla treks and safari experiences were simply outstanding……we could not have hoped for any more.   the gorilla treks were a totally new experience for all of us….learning about the history of Rwanda (the good and the horrific) was truly enlightening……getting to see the farmlands and the villages was very special.   the safari experience in Tanzania was amazing……we saw a very broad variety of animals and a lot of animals…..we witnessed the migration, including two very different river crossings…..some of us witnessed a “kill”…….it was more than we could have ever hoped for.   the pictures will tell the whole story.   our guides and trackers were all truly excellent (although one was almost attacked by a lion)……we had some nice cocktail parties out on safari…….the safari vehicles were perfect and very comfortable. Again, we had a wonderful time and appreciate all of the effort that went into making this trip so special.

Schram family – USA


April 2018

“Dear Brad,
We had THE BEST EXPERIENCE!! Mike was amazing in terms of his knowledge of the lodges and wildlife but also in terms of how to manage a family with age ranges from 9-47! He was patient, provided humour and was so enthusiastic! Logistics were perfect! He is a gem and all we can think of at the moment is when we can return! We will certainly be happy to recommend Safari Architects to all of our friends and acquaintances.”
Regulla-Wilkens Family – London, UK

March 2018

“You guys were amazing and pulled off the most amazing trip. We are all going through withdrawal!!!
Maneesha came over for a coffee with Amarula which just did not taste the same!
8 of us are meeting for dinner on Friday and we will definitely do a toast to all of you over some good wine.
Thank you again…you really made it better than anything I could imagine (and that’s tough for me!!)”
Kamat-Oomman Family – NYC, USA

February 2018

“Thanks for your note! Yes, we all got home safe & sound, although incredibly sad that it all has ended.

We have had an absolutely amazing time, as you indeed hopefully glanced from the posts on various social media. It couldn’t have gone any better: Amazing weather, beautiful sightings and of course the world class accomodations. Kim, Dana and Tim were blown away by the whole experience, and were extremely impressed with the knowledge, skills and expertise of especially Mike, but also Lyle in nGala and our trackers Fanny and Life.

We felt all very lucky as next to the perfect organisation of it all, nature was showing off with white baby lions, mating wild dogs and leopard cubs etc. :-).

So thanks to Mike, yourself and your team again Brad, for living up to your motto of creating memories, as you most certainly did that!! Starting to dream about a trip next year already…..”

Inge – Netherlands

December 2017

“An amazing experience – our family loved it tremendously”

Chris – NYC, USA

August 2017

“We had an amazing time and cannot thank you enough for planning the trip of a lifetime for us.”
The Stein family – Connecticut, USA

July 2017

“Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a wonderful trip we have just had with Safari Architects to Mana Pools.
From the minute Mike met us at JNB to our return to JNB this afternoon we had a top rate experience in all aspects.
Having been guided by Mike before we knew we were getting a great guide but Mike really is the BEST. Mike was critical to the success of our trip and the experience that we had in Mana Pools.
This was the sixth consecutive year we have come to Africa, and each year have added on a trip to our stay at Londolozi. As I told Mike this morning this trip to Mana Pools was the best add on trip we have been on so far. Yes the other 5 trips were great experiences but this trip was something above and beyond and very special for us. We will be working on plans for a 2018 trip with Safari Architects in the coming months.”
Fred Rainey – USA

June 2017

“Thank you so much for truly the greatest family experience we’ve ever had. Epic doesn’t quite describe this trip.The family time, the stories shared and the moments experienced are as mind blowing as one could imagine. We will miss the bush but guarantee we will be back. Cheers to making memories of a lifetime. Safari Architects did a fabulous job and can’t wait to see how you and Brad grow your very special company… one experience at a time.”
The Arrix family – Connecticut, USA

May 2017

“Hi Bradley,
Michael and I enjoyed our trip very much. We actually saw several animals on this trip that we had not seen previously, the wild dogs and sable antelope.  We had also not seen so many elephant at one time, it was beautiful.  The 2 camps were wonderful, service and food were great as well.
Thank you for everything.”
Karen and Michael – South Carolina, USA

April 2017

Thank you Bradley – It was amazing. Over too soon.  We are boarding our flight back shortly. Thank you for everything!

Veillette Family – USA

February 2017

“Hi Brad!

Apologies, for the delay. We spent most of the weekend trying to get back to life at home… The journey back to NYC was definitely something but we made it safe and sound.
Every part of the trip was absolutely incredible and the most unforgettable honeymoon we could have imagined.
You could not have been more accurate in your description of safari, and anything you would have said to us beforehand could not do justice to the experience. As Jonah mentioned while we were still away, the game viewing at Ndutu was AMAZING and perfect timing for the migration. Our guide said the wildebeests had arrived only a few days before us and in the 3 days we were there we started to see hundreds of calves. We even saw one that was still wet, not more than a few hours old!!
The game viewing at Grumeti wasn’t AS abundant but we were really happy to experience a different landscape and the permanent lodge was beautiful. Definitely great advice to do under canvas first 🙂 And then, what can we even begin to say about Mnemba… both Jonah and I were blown away every morning we woke up there. It was a dream. The &Beyond staff at all three locations were so accommodating and constantly went out of their way to make our stay special. Attached a few of our favorite pics!
Thanks again for all your help planning the trip and thanks for being so responsive while we were over there. Always helpful to have feet on the ground and it was so nice to get to spend some time with you in Cape Town. Please let us know when you and Ali will be back in New York!! “

Alissa and Jonah Lovens NYC, USA

January 2017

“Dear Brad,

Yesterday I returned to Amsterdam after an absolutely phenomenal week  in South Africa. I am sure my father will be in touch with you at a later stage as well, but with the memories still fresh in my mind I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank Safari Architects for arranging such a perfect experience.

I have been fortunate enough to go on quite a number of safari-holidays, but this one really stood out to me. The two main contributing factors for this extraordinary trip were (next to nature at it’s best & the brilliant company I had of course ?):

1. the family-like hospitality and overall top quality service at Londolozi – The accommodation is of course top notch, but the big differentiator to me is the personal approach in hospitality and all the efforts to give back to nature & community. We did a tour of the village behind the accommodation, saw the school etc. and were all really impressed with all the efforts to do more than ‘just’ run a safari lodge. The teams of kitchen staff, trackers, guides and everyone else were lovely, and fun and make you feel at home like I have not experienced anywhere else. They knew my preference in coffee within a day…. The extra efforts put into bush-dinner, or outside dinners with the ladies choir singing, all add to the special warm atmosphere.

2. Our expert guide & overall entertainer Mike – from the moment Mike picked us up in Jo’burg he has done everything and more, to make our holiday one we will never forget. His passion for nature/guiding/Londolozi was inspiring to be around. He has shared so much knowledge about everything that breathes (I am including plants in this category ?), and did this in a very fun & positive way (ask  him about the pink pouch…). It is clear that he absolutely loves what he does! What I found special is his sensitivity to the group dynamics and atmosphere, which made him really blend in with our family in no-time. We all felt we met a professional guide on day 1 but left a friend at the end of the week.

Again, thanks so much for helping to organize this holiday! I can’t help but start to think about when I can visit Africa next… ”

Inge, Amsterdam

March 2016




TED SWINDON, South Africa

February 2016

The trip was awesome!! We loved everything. Can’t wait to come back again soon (I hope) 🙂 Thanks again for setting it all up for us.

Lauren, Washington DC, USA

September 2015

“Hi Brad
We’re back, great trip – 7 Leopards, 20+ lions + Cubs, 30 wild dogs  – great guiding – quite remarkable.”

August 2015

“Hi Brad

We have just arrived home.  We had a wonderful two weeks. The little ‘extras’ including fast track meet and greet at Tambo, the private aircraft(s), and of course the mind blowing skills of our Ace guide Kane, made an unforgettable safari for us all.
With over 4000 photos between us to process I have my work cut out for the next few weeks!!  I was very sad to leave Botswana, it really is a fabulous country with beautiful people; I truly hope it stays that way.
Thank you very much for your efficient organisation.
With best wishes.”

July 2015 

“This was a fantastic trip, perfectly designed by you! We felt that the combination of the luxury of the lodge and the wild walks suited our needs. We are seasoned bush walkers but this safari raised the bar plenty! There were many highlights along the way, but I think the experience of wading knee deep up the Luvuvhu river rates close to the top! A Pels sighting would have been nice.

Many thanks again, we look forward to another one.”

Hugh and Sue, Durban, South Africa

June 2015 

“This Southern African safari was a magical experience, we can’t wait to be back in 2017.”
                                                                                                                                                                              Phillip and family, California, USA

December 2014

“I was due to write and thank you (delayed as I am in Mauritius on a long overdue holiday) for everything. Everyone was very professional, the jet was excellent and all went smoothly – a very special occasion.  Thank you for all your preparation and co-ordination.”


September 2014 

“The entire family, without exception, felt that this was our best travel experience ever. You did a fabulous job of planning the trip, nothing was overlooked. We would and will absolutely recommend Safari Architects to all of our friends and colleagues and would be happy to serve as enthusiastic references should your clients wish to speak to someone who has experienced the trip.

BRAVO for a job well done. Our best trip ever!!! I did not think we would ever return to Africa, but now I am certain we will.”

Steven H Schram, Washington DC, USA

July 2014

“I would be at fault if I did not start my comments on Zimbabwe by thanking Brad for his persistence in telling us that Pamushana was a wonderful and safe place for us to end our 2014 African journey. Without his unwavering stance, we would have missed some of the most fabulous days we have ever spent in Africa. Brad, again my very genuine thanks for your wisdom and your determination in getting me to recognize it. Chris, with the same certainty I know that the color of my eyes is brown; I know with equal certainty that without your presence in our jeep, I would never have had that most singular opportunity of resting my hands on the warm belly of a softly breathing rhinoceros calf, touching the unexpectedly spongy underside of her foot or guardedly caressing her emerging horn. Brad from Singita would never have risked doing that with four strangers during an initial game drive. Seeing beautiful things is unquestionably wonderful, however, touching a remarkable wild creature, in its native habitat, brands a memory for a lifetime. I believe most African travel companies could have exposed me to the beauty that is Africa, however, the complementary skills you jointly bring to Safari Architects coupled with your kindness and dimensional intelligence far exceed “creating memories and living the dream” for your clients. You can change a life.  I know because you did that to mine. With heartfelt thanks from your client and friend.”

Carla Castagnero, Pittsburg, USA

July 2014

“While I know that negative feedback is probably as valuable as positive feedback, we have only positive things to say about the planning and execution of this trip by you (Brad) and Chris… Of course you have fully spoiled us now for future travel. What a lucky position to be in for us… Again, many thanks. What a great two weeks. We are already looking forward to planning another visit”.

Lauren Cardullo, New York, USA


February 2014

“Thank you, was a blast. All went well, no glitches. Lovely accommodation, service, all. Even wildlife behaved well and came to greet us.Hopefully can repeat in future.Greetings from Knysna.Appreciate your work!”

Janos Rautonen, Finland


December 2013

“It was fabulous. We had an unbelievable time. Thanks for everything.”

Michael Anderson, Cape Town, South Africa

July 2013

“Remarkable is the perfect word to describe our trip.Your organisation and attention to detail was much appreciated.”
Sharon, Paris, France

June 2013

“Our trip was excellent from beginning to end. The whole week was action packed with fantastic viewings of animals and  great surprises “around  the corner”, some of which were organised and some provided by the animals themselves!! We even became interested in birds!!! A thousand thanks to Chris and Nic who made the trip a very  special and memorable one. Their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm added huge value to the game drives. There was much laughter and we all had such fun! The trip was organised to perfection and having everything inclusive is a great idea. We will be recommending you guys to everyone! Many thanks and hope to see you next year on another Safari!”

Kathleen Duncan, Monaco

June 2013

“We really had an amazing time, it really is a lifetime experience. Just landed back home but we miss the bush already! Thanks for everything and a big thank you to Chris and Nic.”

Lena and family, Madrid, Spain


July 2011

“First of all, you should be extremely proud of yourselves as all the planning and execution of our trip could not have been improved upon. Every choice you made for us – from Singita to Zarafa to the Victoria Falls Hotel to the Cape Grace Hotel – was superb and no detail was left unthought of or undone. Brad, we are hopeful that your  business will grow and prosper and certainly we will recommend Safari Architects to anyone we know that is thinking about heading to Africa.  Please let us know in what ways we can be helpful to you whether by “testimonial” or by talking to people that are thinking about your services but would like to talk to someone who has used your firm – whatever. Thank you again for making our 50th anniversary trip so very memorable. We are ready to come again, return to loved haunts and try some others.  We felt like we had only touched the surface and that there is so much more to see”.

 Marge and Harry Carlson, Cleveland, USA
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