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Jeannette Joynt

Jeannette Joynt

Office Manager


Jeannette comes from a background in art history and truthfully never saw herself working in travel. When the opportunity arose, she came onboard as office manager and was immediately submerged in a new world she never expected to encounter. “This position came at the perfect time. I have always loved the African bush and continuously hoped to find a job in which travel was a reality. My place here at Safari Architects is ever-changing and always poses new and exciting challenges, in addition to continuous learning opportunities. I am also able to be creative in my daily tasks, a reality I am extremely grateful for. The belief on which the company is built is furthermore something I wholly admire: we are not simply planning a trip to the bush for a group of travelers, we are instead creating a landscape in which physical, emotional and spiritual experiences can take place. We are offering a journey on which each guest can have their own individual wishes fulfilled, no matter what they may be. We want our visitors to return home continually treasuring the memories they have created and truly feeling like they have unlocked a new side of themselves. We want Africa to become a part of their lives forever! This position allows me the opportunity to be greatly involved in the building of these life-altering trips and I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more rewarding”

Phone: +27 82 665 9427