All mení»s mechanical replica watches are attributed to the pilot

In short, all men's mechanical replica watches are attributed to the pilot. In particular, the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, a very gentleman, made a significant contribution to the development of the aircraft. In 1904, he commissioned the famous Parisian jeweler Cartier to make a mechanical replica watch that could be worn on his wrist, so that he did not have to show fatal performance in the mid-air in the pocket replica watch.

Over time, pilot mechanical watches became an essential equipment for all pilots and developed special features and displays to help them fly complex mechanical and drawing courses. The pilot's mechanical replica watch really became his own replica watch during the First World War, when the fighters helped change the course of the war through the "Ace". The advent of commercial transatlantic flights in 1939 and the arrival of the Pan American era further increased the demand for specially designed timepieces that track both areas simultaneously.

Also during the First World War, the first glowing hand appeared on the replica watch, because night flight required the pilot to be able to read his replica watch in the dark - basically another cockpit instrument. If authenticity is what you need, look for a pilot mechanical replica watch with illuminated hands and markers - for those who are inside, this is "lume". Checking time in long, boring movies is also very convenient.

The sturdy history and extremely practical design of pilot mechanical watches ensure their continued popularity, even on these days of essentially self-flight. After all, if the autopilot or fancy instrument fails, the correct pilot replica watch may be the reason you ceasuri replica rely on the plane to land. In addition to the actual use of pilots, the pilot's mechanical watches have become a savvy style for those who appreciate the look and practicality of aviation-style works.

The first thing you should know is that many pilot mechanical watches tend to be oversized; like some diving watches, this is originally designed to provide legibility in a variety of conditions - you need to be able to get critical information at a glance, even if the cockpit is full The smoke, or you are flying in the air after the emergency ejection, only the parachute protects you. It also cites their pocket replica watch heritage, some of which are basically mobile cockpit instruments.

AVI-08 Hawker Hurricane Level Date AVI-08 is headquartered in the UK to create a cool aviation style work in honor of the Royal Air Force pilots and aircraft. This replica watch pays tribute to the famous Hurricane Hawke flying in the 1930s and 1940s. This fighter has changed the course of the war in the famous conflicts such as the Battle of Britain. Their designs are both unique and attractive.

Ingersoll Lawrence GMT Chronograph Founded in 1892, Ingersoll is one of the oldest replica watch brands in the United States, although they are often unnoticed. This stunning black dial chronograph features the dual-time zone GMT feature of the transatlantic pilots and the self-winding self-winding movement in the high-end pilot's work. This beautiful piece is finished with a perfect tanned leather strap. The most expensive one in the list is well worth it.

Chotovelli Aviator Chronogaph Chotovelli of Italy is one of our favorite independent watchmakers. Founded in Turin in the 1920s, designed/inspired by Italian pilots, their oversized pilot watch is a major style statement with much lower prices. This sneaker shoe features a steel and orologi replica titanium case with a stopwatch. Plus it is a complete steal. However, the 47 mm size is not suitable for timid people.