Ndali lodge – chimpanzees




The estate dates back to the 1920s, an era of large-scale tea planting in the area that began when Major Trevor Price and his friend Hugh Naylor, recently discharged from the British Army in Egypt after the Great War, decided to venture south in a model T Ford, eventually settling here in Uganda’s Tooro Kingdom to establish one tea estate after another.

Others followed suit and the great estates of western Uganda came into being and flourished until 1972, when Major Price’s land was appropriated by the then military regime. He returned to England and passed away soon after, never again to set eyes on the rolling green hills of Tooro; the Price family acted as guardians to the exiled king of Tooro, but held out little hope of seeing Trevor’s Ugandan estates returned to them.

A generation later, in 1992, Trevor’s son Captain Mark Price reclaimed his father’s estates under a parliamentary repatriation act, as did many exiled foreign investors, and chose this site upon which  to establish a safari lodge.

He began building in 1993, and opened in 1996 with cottages 1-4, 5-8 under construction.  Sadly, Mark past away in 1998.

 His son Aubrey Price and niece Lulu Sturdy (youngest daughter of Trevor’s daughter Caroline) came to Uganda to take up the reins of the lodge and farm, respectively, and have been living happily here ever since, continuing Mark’s legacy of active reforestation; Ndali Forest, cleared land when Mark reclaimed it in 1992, is now a verdant expanse of indigenous trees, home to a diverse array of birds, monkeys and other wildlife.

Ndali Lodge provides a perfect base from which to visit some of the region’s most popular attractions.   Kibale Forest National park, famous home of the largest concentration of chimpanzees in Africa, as well as a bewildering variety of other primates, birds and butterflies, can be reached within 45 minutes.

Copy and pictures courtesy Ndali lodge


Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp 



FY4A6345  FY4A6228

As the only concessionaire luxury camp within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is the perfect base from which to track the park’s most famous resident – the mountain gorilla. The main area features a comfortable lounge and bar area as well as the main dining area while the mini spa offers a wide selection of treatments. Located within the National Park, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp offers guests an unrivalled location, including the best bird and wildlife viewing in the Bwindi area. In fact Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp often receives regular visits from the gorillas themselves. For the lucky guests in camp at those times, they may have the chance for a gorilla encounter without even leaving Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp.

The eight tents at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp are stylish and spacious, each featuring two queen sized beds. In addition to the comfortable warm beds, each tent has a huge bathtub that looks straight into the jungle canopy ideal for soaking tired muscles after a day spent observing and meeting gorillas. Observe rare forest species while soaking in the tub, followed by a cocktail on the private viewing deck served by your personal attendant.

Copy and pictures courtesy Sanctuary retreats

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Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge



The lodge is only minutes away from the headquarters of the Parc National des Volcans from where clients trek on foot to see the magnificent Mountain Gorilla – perhaps one of the most dramatic, thrilling and poignant wildlife experiences possible. Accommodation at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge comprises five double cottages, two suites and one family suite. All are stone buildings with Rwandese terracotta tile roofs, and feature large sitting areas, fireplaces, stylish en-suite bathrooms finished with Venetian plaster a dressing room and a sheltered veranda. Heat exchangers in the fireplaces provide a plentiful supply of hot water.

Picture and copy courtesy of Sabyinyo Silverback lodge

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Banjaar Tola


One of the largest and most scenic wildlife sanctuaries in India, Kanha National Park is an ideal habitat for both tigers and their prey species. The lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines of Kanha shelter a significant population of rare species such as tiger, leopard, sloth bear, barasingha and wild dog.
Kanha’s mixed forests are interspersed with vast meadows known as maidans. These meadows support a high density of herbivores, including chital, barasingha, sambar and gaur, attracting predators such as the tiger, dhole or leopard to the fringes of the clearings. Perennial streams run through a number of such meadows, providing a source of water for the wildlife even in the hot summers. Kanha meadow, with its hundreds of chital grazing on a carpet of green grass against the backdrop of the majestic Sal forest, has been aptly referred to as ‘the Ngorongoro of India”.
The Banjaar River forms the southwestern boundary of Kanha, attracting wildlife to its waters even during the driest periods, when it retains water in large pools. Rising high above the surrounding forests, the plateau of Bamhni Dadar offers a panoramic view of the surrounding jungle. Known as Sunset Point, it offers spectacular views of the sun setting over Kanha’s dense forests. Indian gazelle, or chinkara, and four horned antelope, or chowsingha, graze among the stunted trees and grasses on the plateau.
Kanha is particularly well know for its endangered swamp deer, or hardwater barasingha, which populate the large open tracks of grass amidst the forests of teak and bamboo. Brought back from the brink of extinction, these handsome animals are a remarkable conservation success story for Kanha.

Copy and Images courtesy of &Beyond.


Pashan Garh


One of India’s smaller but well known reserves, Panna National Park is known for its wild cats, including leopard, tiger and other cat species. Wild dog, wolf, hyena and caracal all wander the park’s large plateau. Sloth bear make their home among the rocky escarpments. The dense forests shelter the large sambar deer, as well as chital and chowsingha. Milgai and chinkara can be seen on the outskirts of the open grasslands.
Panna is situated along the banks of the Ken River, which flows through the reserve from north to south, providing a life line to the park’s wildlife. The mugger crocodile, a freshwater species particular to India, can be found in the river.
Dense mixed forests cover the reserve, interspersed with open grasslands and woodlands. Panna lies in the hills of Vindhya range and, after the monsoon season, the deep ravines are punctuated with cascading waterfalls. Streams and lakes fill up with water, luring flocks of migratory birds. Panna boasts more than 200 bird species, with the magnificent colours of India’s national bird, the peacock, often spotted in the reserve. White necked stork, bareheaded goose and honey buzzard are among the many other birds spotted in the park.
The World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, with its 10th century Hindu temples and intricately carved erotic sculptures, lies within 50 km (31 miles) of Panna, an easy day trip for visitors to the park.

Copy and Images courtesy of &Beyond.

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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge


One of the oldest, driest and most pristine areas on Earth, the Namib Desert is a world of vast spaces, endless horizons, dramatic desertscapes and jagged mountain heights. The largest private nature reserve in Southern Africa, the NamibRand Nature Reserve spans 180 000 hectares (445 000 acres) of this unspoiled desert wilderness. The spectacular dunes at Sossusvlei, arrayed in magnificent hues of orange, buttermilk, pumpkin and sienna, tower over a vast, dry pan. Over 230 metres (750 feet) high and constantly twisted and shaped by the wind, these breathtaking dunes are among the highest in the world. Known as “The Living Desert”, the dunes of the Namib abound with desert-adapted beetles, spiders, lizards, gerbils, golden moles and other creatures, all leaving their telltale tracks in the fine sand.
The plains and dry watercourses are home to oryx, springbok, Burchell’s zebra, kudu, ostrich and giraffe. Predators include leopard, spotted hyena, black-backed jackal, Cape and bateared foxes, termite-eating aardwolf and African wildcat. More than 114 bird species can be seen in the desert skies. The fascinating desert-adapted wildlife, combined with the endless space, utter tranquillity and extraordinary light, make this one of Africa’s most compelling wilderness regions.

Cradled against the ancient mountains, &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is renowned for its desert experience with luxurious accommodation overlooking the stark yet beautiful Namib Desert. Designed to capture the splendour and solitude of the desert, just ten stone and glass desert villas spread out along the curve of the escarpment allowing absolute privacy. Each air conditioned suite features a private veranda, split-level bedroom and living room with fireplace, ensuite glass-encased bathroom and outdoor shower.
The villas are equipped with a star-viewing skylight, discreet CD system with a selection of music from the lodge library, customstocked personal bar and compact spotting scope for magnificent star and game viewing. The guest area, where walls have become windows that fold away completely, boasts unimpeded desert vistas. The split-level Lodge features a fire-lit bar, comfortable sitting room, mezzanine library with CD and book collection, swimming pool, wraparound verandas and a Safari Shop. A fine selection of wines from an impressive walk-in wine cellar complements delicious Pan African meals. Guests can escape the desert heat with a revitalising midday dip in the pool fed by water from an underground spring. At sunset, animals are drawn to a nearby waterhole, enhancing desert sundowner drinks.

Images and copy courtesy of &Beyond.


Little Kulala

Little Kulala is a luxurious desert retreat situated in the private 37 000-hectare Kulala Wilderness Reserve – the gateway to Namibia’s Sand Sea with its towering dunes and clear starry skies.

Accommodation at Little Kulala consists of 11 climate-controlled, thatched “kulalas” (the word means ‘to sleep’) which merge impeccably into the timeless desert landscape, with exquisite fittings and fixtures, and innovative bleached decks – each with a private plunge pool. Each kulala has a rooftop ‘skybed’ for romantic stargazing, with both indoor and outdoor showers.

Little Kulala features an elegant entertainment area which includes a library, wine cellar, craft boutique, lounge and dining areas. Dining under the clear Namibian skies is a highlight. The interiors have been designed to provide an all-natural and unique
experience in this most beautiful environment. The extensive use of neutral colours, gorgeous textures and natural light reproduce the soothing pastel tones of the desert. Pure linens, cottons and mohair dyed with natural vegetable dyes all make for a very organic camp which takes its inspiration from its surroundings, notably from the magnificent Dead Vlei in the middle of Sossusvlei. The overall mood and feel is cool, serene, organic and sheltering.

Desert-adapted wildlife such as ostrich, springbok and gemsbok eke out an existence and are sparsely distributed around Little Kulala. Smaller creatures such as bat-eared fox and aardwolf can be seen at night in the cool desert air. One bird, the aptly named dune lark, has its entire global distribution limited to the area, so dependent is it on the area’s characteristic sands.

Activities at Little Kulala start with morning guided drives to the spectacular towering dunes of Sossusvlei,
through a private gate into the reserve. Sossusvlei is situated within the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, which itself is part of the Namib Naukluft National Park that stretches 400km south of Walvis Bay and is sandwiched between the west coast and the escarpment that runs parallel more than 100km inland. Its huge dunes and flat valley floors make up the archetypical view of the Namib that is world famous.

Guided drives and walks are also offered on the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve with incredible views, desert-adapted wildlife and plants. Another option, at an extra cost, is early morning ballooning, beginning at first light. The balloon safari offers a truly unique experience to soar silently above the magnificent sand dunes and desert, with a champagne breakfast being served at your landing site.

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris


Hoanib skeleton coast camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is scenically located in a broad valley at the confluence of two tributaries of the Hoanib River in the northern part of the private Palmwag Concession. Its location thus straddles the Palmwag area and the iconic Skeleton Coast National Park, in one of the most remote areas of the Kaokoveld.

Exclusivity is taken a step further as camp is only accessible by light aircraft and the camp itself consists of only seven twin-bedded tents and one family unit, each comprising stylish en-suite bedrooms with shaded outdoors decks. Flanked to the east and west by rugged hills, the camp looks out over stunning, starkly beautiful scenery and offers guests all the luxuries and amenities for an unforgettable stay.

Highlights include:

  • Vast, remote, isolated wilderness offering excellent viewing of Namibia’s distinctive desert-adapted wildlife
  • Diverse activities showcase spectacular scenery, unexpected oases and enormous sand dunes
  • Scenic flights to the Skeleton Coast (weather permitting) reveal seals, shipwreck remains and an endless dramatic coastline

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris


Serra Cafema Camp

Serra Cafema is located in the extreme north-west of Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River in the Hartmann Valley. Undoubtedly amongst the most remote camps in Southern Africa, Serra Cafema is only reachable by a three hour light aircraft trip from Windhoek. The Kunene River is the only permanent source of water in this region, the river creating a lush oasis along its banks – a winding band of green surrounded by the lunar like landscape of the Namib Desert which stretches to the Serra Cafema mountain range in the north.

Serra Cafema is an intimate, peaceful camp with a unique mix of rustic and luxury elements nestled amongst the shady Albida trees on the banks of the Kunene. Rapids just below camp provide a calming ambiance with guests often lulled into dreamland by the gurgling waters after a day exploring one of the driest, starkly beautiful regions in the world.

Accommodation at Serra Cafema consists of 8 riverside Meru-style canvas and thatched villas on spacious, elevated decks blended smoothly into the picturesque surroundings. Each fully furnished tent has an en-suite bathroom, ceiling fan and mosquito nets. A late afternoon spent lounging on the front deck soaking up the breathtaking vistas of this contrasting wilderness is an absolute must.

Serra Cafema also has a intimate, luxurious honeymoon villa, with possibly the best view of all. Early booking is essential owing to its popularity. Families can be accommodated by opening up adjoining units.

The Serra Cafema Ozonganda, or main area, comprises indoor and outdoor dining areas, sunken lounge, library, curio shop and swimming pool, all sharing views of the Kunene River.

Activities at Serra Cafema revolve around the exploration of surrounding Namib Desert sands and the lush oases along the river, a journey of contrasts. Informative nature drives and carefully guided quad bike excursions through the fragile dunes allow guests to experience the true Namib in its unbridled glory. The utmost care is taken to tread lightly on the dunes and preserve the unique and delicate habitats of this landscape. Boating on the Kunene River provides guests with the opportunity to venture through the lush riverside oases. Crocodiles and waterbirds seem out of place in this surreal, lunar-like landscape. Walking in the remote mountain and river valleys is also a highlight, as is a visit to a Himba settlement – one of the last true nomadic people in Africa. The fairy circle phenomenon is also best viewed in the Hartmann’s Valley.

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris



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Vamizi Villas





Despite being located in one of the wildest places on earth, set among the Quirimbas Archipelago in the calm, cyclone free waters off the coast of northern Mozambique, Vamizi offers the definitive experience of barefoot luxury in Africa


Of all Vamizi’s attractions, its beaches are undeniably one of its greatest, especially as the Private Villas are strung loosely along them. At times the sea can be so mirror calm that the silence of a beachcombing walk is not even punctuated by the sound of waves.

There is evidence of Vamizi having been a stopping place for Arab dhows in the 15th century, when the island, then known as Amisa, had a Muslim population and a prolific weaving industry producing a fine fabric known as Maluane cloth. This attracted Portuguese traders. Most of Vamizi’s historic remnants are relics from the Portuguese era including a church, a fort, several wells and a lighthouse.

As well as fabric, Vamizi offered trade in indigo, ivory, timber, manna (an edible gum) and turtle shells. Today the turtle population is protected rather than exploited. The island’s most recent settlers are the owners of an award-winning luxury lodge established in 2005, who have also initiated community projects and a conservation initiative. The Lodge and the Private Villas have attracted guests from all over the world, in search of a rare and authentic wild African island experience.

Each villa is uniquely designed in its own elegant style with en-suite bedrooms, spectacular drawing and dining rooms, and peaceful lounging spaces around private pools or the beach.  The private chef and personal hospitality team will ensure all needs are met, from tailor-made menus to organising fishing and diving, spa treatments or dhow sailing trips.

Images and copy courtesy of Vamizi Andbeyond

Azura Quililalea


Azura at Quilalea is a hidden gem, somewhere to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, with a relaxed and understated ‘Robinson Crusoe’ castaway style that belies the comforts and experiences on offer in the 9 seafront villas.

Azura at Quilalea is the second luxury Indian Ocean Retreat from the Azura Retreats group, the privately owned and managed hotels from Christopher and Stella Bettany, It is bringing Azura’s trademark African-chic style to Quilalea Private Island, a private, wholly uninhabited island paradise surrounded by the pristine waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago marine sanctuary.

This is paradise for lovers of marine life, with snorkelling and scuba diving straight off the main beach. With just a few guests on the island at a time, you will be the only people snorkelling and diving here, and as a result the plethora of sealife on view is spectacular.

There are some amazing dive sites in the surrounding waters, with walls and drop offs for the more adventurous. We are lucky enough to have humpback whales from July to November, nesting turtles from November through to April, and pods of dolphins for company in front of your villas year round. There is also kayaking through extensive mangroves on nearby Sencar Island, sailing on traditional Mozambican dhows, and some fantastic deep sea fishing.

Back on land, we offer exclusive picnics and romantic candle-lit beach dinners, island walks to view the giant baobabs, cultural trips to the nearby Ibo Island, and relaxing treatments at our African Spa.

Image and copy courtesy of Azura


andBeyond Benguerra


A tropical paradise tucked into a lush indigenous forest and looking out onto a picturesque crescent of sandy beach, andBeyond Benguerra Island is the quintessential luxury island retreat. Set among swaying palm trees, ten casinhas and two cabanas are being extensively revamped in a light and airy colour scheme that combines tropical chic with a distinct African feel and reminders of the area’s Portuguese heritage.

Ideal for families or groups, the three-bedroom Casa Familia ensures privacy and exclusivity. Set under local thatch, both casitas and cabanas boasts elegant four-poster beds with white linen canopies and comfortable day beds. Large windows with dark wooden shutters gaze out towards the Indian Ocean, while private timber decks and cool plunge pools offer a secluded alternative to beach sands and ocean waters. Bathrooms feature generous tubs big enough for two, while al fresco showers are decorated with hand-painted tiles. Woven hammocks invite guests to an afternoon siesta, lulled by a chorus of songbirds that makes the forest canopy its home. A shaded gazebo provides the ideal venue for starlit dinners, while the stylish dining room and open lounge, both of which boast wide, sunny decks, are the setting for more social dining.

Set in its own secluded garden and mere metres from the beach, the Casa Familia boasts three bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, as well as private swimming pool set on the sheltered wooden veranda. The lodge’s colourful beach bar, sheltered by swaying palm trees, is the perfect setting to relax or enjoy open air meals throughout the day. Set deep in cleverly created patches of shade, comfortable loungers beckon guests to relax around the pool while drinking in the ocean views.

Image and copy courtesy of andBeyond 

Villa Santorini

3  7

13  6

11  12

Villa Santorini Mozambique, a few kilometers north of Vilanculos, commands panoramic bay views  from its secluded, elevated position. Just beyond this expanse, lies the underwater wonderland of the Bazaruto Archipelago, a Marine National Park.

The elegant, split-level interior marries space, flow and luxury. Bedrooms are sea-fronting, air-conditioned and en suite, each with a private balcony.

The multifaceted living area provides guests with a wide range of ensemble and private living, relaxation and dining options. Free Wi-Fi and iPod docks are available. A staircase leads down to the beach.

Service excellence is the hallmark of management and staff. Tantalizing daily menus are on offer; special dietary requirements accommodated. Complimentary child minding services and fun pastimes are available. On-site Spa treatments are a heavenly option.

Cost included activities include free transfers to Vilanculos; a guided day tour of the town’s markets and tourist attractions; a Magaruque island trip and picnic; Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, snorkeling and sandboarding. The Villa’s boat may be chartered for deep sea fishing. Local operators offer Dhow sailing trips, scuba diving, guided kitesurfing, and various safaris.

This is a place and space where the rhythm of the tides marks the time and natural beauty fills the pauses.

Images and copy courtesy of Santorini Villas


White Pearl

White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli is situated on the south east coast of Mozambique, one of Africa’s best kept secrets. With its sublime ocean frontage of more than 2km, pristine beach and surrounded by untouched tracts of bush, discover a place so beautiful, a welcome so warm and an experience so pure, it promises to be unlike any other in all of Mozambique

Nestled in a sheltered bay on Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast, poised amongst the dunes on timber stilts, white pearls luxurious suites have been sensitively designed to take advantage of their beautiful natural setting, while protecting the fragile eco-systems beneath them. Cool, clean lines, contemporary furniture and a palette inspired by the surrounding coastal landscape, make for a getaway out of this world. In this striking setting, put your feet up as you sip your favourite summer cocktail at the festive beach bar, recline on the wide deck soaking up the sun or head down to the beach for some R&R as you listen to the sound of the waves breaking nearby. White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli, offers the ultimate in barefoot luxury in Africa. Experience elegant simplicity at this exclusive beach resort set in the dunes of the untouched shores of southern Mozambique. On a magnificent stretch of coastline, tucked behind casuarinas trees, White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli promises to earn the reputation for being the jewel of the Indian Ocean.

With us you can feel free to sip cocktails in your private plunge pool, indulge in sumptuous traditional cuisine, head out on a deep sea fishing adventure or escape from it all by exploring rich coral reefs with our qualified dive instructors. Our stylish suites, each with a view of the vast and spectacular Indian Ocean present you with cool coastal comfort.
Sophisticated simplicity invites you to enjoy a relaxing experience like none other in one of our 22 exquisite private pool suites. Take a dip in your own plunge pool, relax on the spacious covered deck, cool off in a refreshing outdoor shower or retreat to the intimacy of your air-conditioned bedroom surrounded by nature. Your timeless, breezy retreat maximises the breathtaking views and creates private outdoor spaces for you to just be.

Activties include:

  • Big game fishing
  • Horse riding
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling and swimming with dolphins
  • Turtle adventures
  • Walking on idyllic beaches
  • massage treatments

Images and copy courtesy of White Pearl resorts


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South Africa


Singita Boulders


_DSC3957  _DSC3913

HERO_2  CR-Leo96f

Singita Boulders lodge was named after the large boulders that were found when the lodge was being constructed. Some of these have remained, and in the world famous wine cellar, there is one that was left and the cellar was built around. This beautifully modern lodge exudes contemporary class but still has an air of authentic Africa. Wooden furniture, artefacts, baskets and a variety of other fascinating design pieces complement each other and the natural tones and textures complete the design. Large open decks and walkways allow magnificent views of the natural stone built lodge and surrounding bushveld.

Singita Boulders Lodge offers twelve suites, all with their own en suite bathroom and shower, outside shower, private heated swimming pool, double-sided fireplace, mini bar and fridge, room mini safe, air-conditioning, overhead fans, private lounge, direct dial telephones and game-viewing deck. This world class lodge is complete luxury within the wild of the Sabi Sands game reserve, and arguably the top lodge on the planet.

Activities include twice daily game drives with professional guides and trackers. You may also do guided safari walks on request. Mountain biking and archery is also available, and your guides will assist you. There is the Singita Shop which stocks a range of African artefacts and curios. A spa is also available where you can ease the pains and stresses of modern life. Sip cocktails at the large pool at the main lodge, and enjoy whatever animals decide to grace you with their presence.

Copy and images courtesy of Singita

Singita Castelton

Singita_Castleton__4  Singita_Castleton__3

Singita_Castleton__1  Singita_Castleton__6

Singita Castleton 3  Singita Castleton 4

Singita Castleton 2  Singita Castleton 1

Singita Castleton is an exclusive use Camp and is a mix of modern world class luxury living and old school safari mentalities. The main lodge is a large stone walled farmhouse that contains fascinating memorabilia and artefacts that relate the memories of past colonial days. There are wide verandahs and large expansive lounge and dining areas. A real family gem that allows exclusive and personalised safari experience. Guests will enjoy sumptuous cuisine prepared by experienced chefs, dinners around a fire in the boma and the choice of various vintage wines. There is also a tennis court and trampoline which will keep adults and kids busy.There are 3 double cottages (4 twin rooms and 2 double rooms) with en suite bathrooms. All rooms are air-conditioned and also offer the option of ceiling fans.

Activities include twice daily game drives with professional guides and trackers. You may also do guided safari walks on request. Mountain biking and archery is also available, and your guides will assist you. There is the Singita Shop which stocks a range of African artefacts and curios. A spa is also available where you can ease the pains and stresses of modern life.

Copy and images courtesy of Singita


Singita Lebombo


Singita Lebombo Lodge Suite 2  Singita Lebombo Lodge Dining Area

Singita Lebombo Lodge Suite  Singita Lebombo Lodge Pool Area 2

Singita Lebombo  is set in a private concession within the Kruger National park. It is named after the Lebombo Euphorbia tree, which is as unique as the lodge is! Classy, luxurious, impeccable and beauty are all words that describe this gem hidden in the remote African bushveld. The lodge is beautifully and strategically located on a small ridge raised above a watering hole where it is common to see the beasts of this magical place come and drink.

The design of the lodge is unique and one of a kind. Large sweeping wooden decks and wide open spaces are characteristics of the main lodge. A large pool with panoramic views is also present, and in the lowveld heat this is the perfect place to relax between game drives and meals. Modern and luxurious designs are associated with all facets of Singita lebombo, and the suites are really in a league of their own. The fifteen suites feature contemporary finishes with beds dressed with Egyptian cotton and silky-soft throws, all adding to the complete luxurious feel of the lodge. Dining areas overlook the expanse of the concession  and enjoy dinners in the boma or in the main lodge, and then sleep under the stars in your own private and unique terrace bed.
Singita Lebombo Lodge can accommodate 30 guests in 15 suites. All suites are en-suite with an inside and outside shower, bath, mini bar and fridge, room safe, air-conditioning, overhead fans, direct dial telephones and game viewing deck with a day bed. All the suites have direct dial telephones. There is also a gymnasium, health spa, wine cellar and a traditional boma.
Activities include twice daily game drives with professional guides and trackers. You may also do guided safari walks on request. Mountain biking and archery is also available, and your guides will assist you. There is the Singita Shop which stocks a range of African artefacts and curios. A spa is also available where you can ease the pains and stresses of modern life. Sip cocktails at the large pool at the main lodge, and enjoy whatever animals decide to grace you with their presence.

Copy and images courtesy of Singita


Makanyi Private Game Lodge


Just seven luxury suites make Makanyi Private Game Lodge an excellent choice for guests seeking exclusivity in one of Africa’s most prolific game viewing destinations.

Overlooking a permanent waterhole with traversing rights to over 6000 hectares of private concessions the lodge prides itself on not only giving guests a very private safari experience, but also on its homely atmosphere with welcoming staff, superb cuisine and the utmost attention to detail



Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge
Jamala_Madikwe_-_Youngsters  JM_Scallops_2

JM_game_drive_ranger_8  Vista

Jamala-Interior-20  Boma

It’s time to redefine your expectations of luxury in the bush. Jamala is characterised by understated African elegance with a strong emphases on quality and abundance – evident at every turn. from masterfully crafted cuisine to the astonishingly rich wildlife beyond its doors.

Tucked away in the far north of South Africa is a 75000 hectare. malaria-free wilderness inhabited by a profusion of species from Vervet monkeys to Leopard and – of course – the odd very fortunate human. Madikwe is widely acknowledged as being one of the finest conservation areas in Africa. The sheer. unadulterated wilderness of this place is breathtaking. as is this remarkable lodge – crafted from an exquisite palate of rich woods. raw stone and soft muted tones. Elegantly proportioned suites offer individual rim-flow pools. sweeping wooden decks and private outdoor showers. Guest facilities are of the highest quality whilst service is attentive and warm. never intrusive. Designer dining is of the highest standard and a team of chef’s under the tutelage of chef Nico prepare gourmet dishes for guests who dine in plush surrounds at the long wooden dining room table. under the stars or in the privacy of their beautifully appointed rooms.

Images and copy courtesy of Inspirational Places

Morukuru Madikwe lodge

Farm house

_DCR8447  _DCR7628

_DCR8267  _DCR8178

_DCR7929  _DCR8403

A safari-chic take on the traditional African farm homestead, offering the perfect private setting for families and larger groups.

Located on the other side of the mountain within the Morukuru property, the five-suite Farm House is an oasis, surrounded by luscious green lawns, and set within a 100-hectare fenced-in safe area which is home to general game, so kids can play and roam at will, and guests may have the freedom to walk and explore.

Furnished by well-known South African interior designer, Sumari Krige, the Farm House is unpretentious yet stylish, with bespoke items produced by local artists and craftsmen in a neutral palette. Following the owners’ brief to create spaces where families with children of all ages can completely relax, the overall sense is kick-off-shoes and curl-up-on-the-couch comfort. The five huge en-suite bedrooms – linked to the main area by a covered walkway – are all equally luxurious, because Morukuru believes that a family holiday should be special for every family member.

Farmhouse is also the prefect home for celebrations with large groups of friends getting together with the featured bar area.

Images and copy courtesy of Morukuru 


Ellerman House



EHV1_Evening_Exterior_Pool1  EHV1_Aqua_Bedroom81

Cape Town Pic with Sea Point  EHV2_Livingroom1


EH_Garden_Terrace  EH_BrandyLounge
EH_Bar   EH_Cuisine_KuduLoin

EH_ArtGallery5   Eh_TerroirWall

Once the stately home of Sir John and Lady Ellerman, distinguished shipping magnates and investors, Ellerman House sits perched on the slopes of Lion’s Head in the prestigious Bantry Bay residential area. This elegant Cape Edwardian mansion is known for having one of the most spectacular ocean views in South Africa. Just ten minutes from the heart of Cape Town, the one-and-a-half acre property features a panorama of Atlantic coastline that includes the infamous Robben Island.

Now privately owned, Ellerman House stands as an iconic showcase of South Africa’s finest lodging, cuisine, wine, and leisure. With shaded verandas, tiered gardens, beautiful interiors, and a celebrated art collection, guests from all over the world love the combination of luxury and service this serene getaway offers.

Ellerman House has eleven rooms, two suites, and two private villas. Attention to detail ensures that no two rooms alike. The property boasts two lounges, a library, two dining rooms, a spa, a main pool, gym, whisky bar, and expansive outdoor space. The property is not open to the public, offering a genuine level of privacy and luxury to guests.

Images and copy courtesy of Ellerman house

Manna Bay

_DSC0339  _DSC0354

_DSC0322  _DSC2661-2

_DSC2724-2  _DSC2738-2

MannaBay at the foot of the Table Mountain is Cape Town’s latest and most elegant boutique hotel. In the heart of Cape Town, seven uniquely designed suites set the bar for contemporary luxury. From the imperial indulgence of the Versailles suite to the acts of pith-helmeted derring-do which inspired the Explorer room. MannaBay is synonymous with timeless elegance and modern luxury. All the magnificent bedrooms have state-of-the-art flat screen TVs with a variety of satellite channels – you might also want to take advantage of the extensive DVD collection  or iPod docking stations. All rooms are fully air-conditioned and have underfloor heating if it gets a little chilly. In the opulent  white marble bathrooms, you’ll find indulgent Moya products which use uniquely South African ingredients such as Rooibos and the essential oils of indigenous Cape Snowbush, Buchu, and Blue Mountain Sage. But it’s the imagination of the interior design at MannaBay which will really catch your eye, where intriguing furniture and exquisite art work abound. The space and views are unsurpassed and with just seven suites.

MannaBay offers one of the most intimate experiences available in the fairest Cape. We’ve assembled a warm and professional team from the butlers who will tend to your every whim to the meticulous housekeeping staff. MannaBay is situated in a safe and affluent neighbourhood and has a state-of-the-art 24hour security system as well as a secure garage with direct access to the hotel. Guests might delight in roaming the enormous ante-rooms and ornate lounges before catching a few rays on the vast wooden sun deck or swimming beneath the splendour of Table Mountain as the bright. African sunlight pings off the azure water. There is a library rippling with African travel literature and home to an enormous television ideal for catching a game of sport or watching a DVD. There’s also a writing desk and a laptop with full internet access for those who need to catch up with the outside world. After afternoon tea (or even before for that matter),  why not take a G&T in the lounge bar as the sun slips into the Atlantic beyond the glittering cityscape or unwind among the fine percale cottons of a four-poster King?

The team at MannaBay is dedicated to optimising every guest’s experience – nowhere will this be more apparent than at the breakfast table. Breakfast is a decadent and indulgent affair crammed full of fruits, cheeses, freshly squeezed juices. Africa’s finest single roast coffees. freshly baked breads and of course a mouth watering selection of hot dishes. “Some places to stay form a part of your journey. MannaBay guests have already arrived.”

Images and copy courtesy of Inspirational Places

Morukuru Ocean House – De Hoop Nature Reserve

Ocean_house_a066  Ocean_house_a099

OH_whales_best_10  Ocean_house_a005

Ocean_House 008  Ocean_House_010

Cocooned in luxury, adrift in your own 4-bedroom oceanfront home within one of Africa’s most beautiful coastal reserves: the 36 000-ha De Hoop Nature Reserve. Often cited as one of the most beautiful coastal reserves in South Africa, De Hoop offers 51km of pristine white beaches and dunes lapped by a warm Indian ocean, as well as limestone cliffs, rock pools, wetlands, coastal fynbos and home to more than 260 species of birds. Ocean House also offers a bird’s eye view of the continent’s greatest whale nursery, as Southern Right whales migrate to the shallow coastal basins off the Overberg Coast for the calving and nursing season from mid-July to November. In short, Morukuru offers access to some of the continent’s most undiscovered gems, able to satisfy visitors’ craving exclusivity, yet providing some of the most productive wildlife interactions in Southern Africa

Images and copy courtesy of Inspirational Places


The Saxon Hotel, Spa and Villas

Saxon-TerraceView1  Saxon-FigTerrace1

Saxon-fivehundredChefsTable  Saxon-WineCellarRed

SaxonMandelaPresidentialSuiteLiving3  Saxon-LuxuryRoom1

The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa is a luxurious oasis on ten landscaped acres in Johannesburg’s neighborhood of Sandhurst, known for its quiet tree-lined avenues.

Its proximity to Sandton makes it ideal for business travelers, but it is equally favored by those en route to safari destinations. Johannesburgers know The Saxon as an exclusive retreat with an award-winning spa and elegant dining in the restaurant or more intimate wine cellars. The suite and villa accommodations evoke a sense of calm and measure 860 square feet and up, with many overlooking the massive pool. Perhaps the hotel’s proudest boast, however, is that the former South African president and Nobel Prize-winner Nelson Mandela chose the Saxon as his sanctuary in which to complete his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom.

Images and copy courtesy of The Saxon Hotel

AtholPlace Hotel & Villa


20141207_ACA_0004-2  20141207_ACA_0018_webedit-2
20141207_ACA_0097_webedit-2  20141208_ACA_0042_HR-2

20141208_ACA_0054_HR-2  20141208_ACA_0062_HR-2

Contemporary-Classic glamour and understated elegance meet at Athol Place, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Situated in the most beautiful part of Johannesburg, AtholPlace Hotel, is the best spot to be. Guests are invited to enjoy everything we offer, from our stylish suites, which are extremely spacious (no suite is smaller than 50 square metres!), the comfortably furnished library with romantic fire place to our amazing swimming pool. The gardens surrounding AtholPlace, are perfect to relax and unwind. Please do join us for a drink at our bar area.

It doesn’t matter how you travel, everybody is welcome at AtholPlace, from young to old, all ages are welcome!


20141207_ACA_0084_webedit-2  20141207_ACA_0395_webedit-2

Villa final  20141207_ACA_0419_webedit-2

20141207_ACA_0351_redit-2-2  20141207_ACA_0475_webedit-2

AtholPlace Villa has been created to give you a temporary home of your own in the amazing City of Johannesburg. The homely space includes three Deluxe rooms each with their own full bathroom, one

Junior Room en-suite (perfect for our young guests) and a superior living and dining area – accommodating a maximum of 6 adults and 2 small children.

The outdoor surrounding areas of this comfortable but sophisticated home include a breath taking garden, inviting heated pool, a fire pit boma and shady trees perfect for those lazy, alfresco lunches. It is the idyllic space, with all the magic ingredients to spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoying precious moments together and choosing to explore the pulsating vibrations of the ‘City of Gold’ whenever you wish to. Also our business travellers, will find this space perfect as the Sandton business district is only minutes away.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy. Great shopping, cultural tours, sightseeing or simply relax at your own pool. During your stay you will be welcomed and hosted by your very own compliment of charming Athol staff. Your private chef will be able to create and design meals based on your own personal requirements or spoil you with their choice of culinary delights and extraordinary flavours. Your Athol butler will be on hand to ensure that you have your drink of choice to accompany your meals or quench your thirst after a day exploring the city. Your AtholStaff, will discreetly ensure that you have everything you need to make your stay ‘heaven away from home’.

Images and copy courtesy of Morukuru 



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Singita Pumushuma

Singita Pamushana Lodge 4  Singita Pamushana 3.1

Singita Pamushana Lodge 9  Singita Pamushana Lodge 8

CR-Gir7f Singita Pamushana Lodge 5

One of Africa’s best-kept secrets, Singita Pamushana Lodge is found within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve in south-eastern Zimbabwe. Nestling beneath the trees, the lodge incorporates the natural environment and the forest-like architecture enhances views of the pool, the lush gardens and the lake below. Pamushana Lodge comprises six luxury suites and one villa, each offering incredible views of the Malilangwe dam.
Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is teeming with birds and wildlife, including rare and endangered species – such as the Roan and sable antelope, and the black rhino. Famous for its cathedral Mopane forests and majestic ‘upside-down’ Baobab trees, Malilangwe is an area where you will also find over 100 rock sites that date back more than 2 000 years.

• Six air-conditioned luxury suites and one private retreat.
• Suite configurations: 4 x 1 bedroom suites, 1 x 2 bedroom suite, 1 x 3 bedroom suite and 1 x 5 bedroom (private retreat).
• All master bedrooms feature en suite bathroom and shower, as well as an outdoor shower, private plunge pool, double-sided fireplace, mini-bar and fridge, room safe, air conditioning, overhead fans, private lounge, direct dial telephones and game viewing deck with Swarovski spotting scope.
• The main lodge area offers an indoor dining room, open dining room, teak-deck dining areas, bar, library, open-air lounge, wine cellar, two heated swimming pools and a jacuzzi, all overlooking the Malilangwe dam and sandstone hills.
• High-speed wireless internet, satellite TV, fax facilities and US telephones.
• Tariffs include all-suite accommodation, three meals per day, drinks such as specified house wines, spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks, (premium wines & champagne) and open Land Cruiser safaris accompanied by experienced guides and trackers.
• With the exception of Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge, children of all ages are welcomeat our lodges and bookings are subject to availability. In the interest of safety, participation of children in any game activities (drives/walks/bike rides) is at the discretion of their guide. At Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge children over the age of 10 are welcome.

Other available services at Singita Pamushana Lodge include:
• Spa and Yoga room.
• Wireless internet access.
• Satellite television in the main lodge.
• Bird watching & black rhino tracking.
• San Bushman Rock Art educational tours.
• Game fishing throughout the year for Tiger Fish, Bass, Bream (tilapia) and Catfish.
• Other activities include tennis (two tennis courts – clay and Rebound Ace) and golf (9-hole golf course just 45 minutes away).

Images and Copy courtesy of Singita



Victoria Falls River Lodge

Boat  _MG_0092

OEVANS-2317_1  Lounge1

Family_Suite_-_adjoining_childrens_room  Luxury_Tent_with_Twin_bed_configuration

Lodge_from_walkway  VFRL_-_Aerial_View_with_Spray

Set on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, the Zambezi Crescent’s luxury tented Victoria Falls River Lodge is a pioneer in many ways.

As the first privately owned lodge to be situated in the Zambezi National Park (on the Zimbabwean side), Victoria Falls River Lodge is the ideal place from which to explore Victoria Falls as it combines the African Safari experience with one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – the spray of which can be seen in the distance!

The sumptuous tents nestle snuggly among the river bank’s verdant trees, each boasting breath taking views of the Zambezi River from extensive private decks, and offer guests a welcome break from life’s hustle and bustle and the rare opportunity to genuinely relax and unwind.

Catering to a wide variety of tastes and necessities – from high-energy adventure to peace and tranquillity; corporates; families; honeymooners; retirees embracing their golden years – Victoria Falls River Lodge literally offers ‘something for everyone’.

The combination of personal service, exceptional wildlife viewing, fine dining and luxurious accommodation ensure an unforgettable experience that will leave guests wanting to return again, and again.

Images and copy courtesy Victoria Falls River Lodge


Ruckomechi Camp

On the middle reaches of the Zambezi River, a hundred kilometres below Lake Kariba is the Mana Pools National Park situated in the heart of the Zambezi Valley. Ruckomechi Camp lies on the banks of the Zambezi, shaded by a large grove of acacia and mahogany trees and with a superb view of the mountains of Africa’s Great Rift Valley across the river in Zambia.

Ruckomechi Camp accommodates guests in ten spacious en-suite tented units, including a honeymoon suite, all of which overlook the Zambezi River. Each tent has both indoor and outdoor showers, and the camp boasts a favourite amongst guests: its outdoor ‘bath-with-a-view’ in a secluded, scenic spot. The central dining, bar, library and lounge areas face the escarpment and are connected to the rest of the camp by low-level walkways that minimise our environmental impact. There is a separate deck with infinity pool for swimming and sun bathing, and an inviting, cushion-strewn star gazing deck.

Following on from our Zambian camps, Ruckomechi Camp has aimed to be as environmentally friendly as possible – hot water and lighting for each unit is provided by solar power.

The camp vegetation is dominated by broad canopied albida trees, much loved by elephants for their rich nutritious pods; these animals often join visitors in camp for a light meal!

The area is renowned for large numbers of elephant, buffalo, hippo and eland, especially in the winter when they concentrate along the river. Predators such as lion, leopard and wild dog are all found in the area. Birdlife is superb, particularly for both mopane woodland and riverine species with numerous local specials like Collared Palm-Thrush, Racket-tailed Roller, Purple-banded Sunbird and Black-throated Wattle-Eyes.

Activities at Ruckomechi Camp include wildlife viewing in open 4×4 vehicles, on motorised pontoon boats, on foot and in canoes.

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris


Little Makalolo

Little Makalolo Camp lies in the heart of Hwange National Park, in one of its best game viewing areas, overlooking a vibrant waterhole. The camp’s six rooms have en-suite facilities, with both indoor and outdoor showers. Solar power is used for electricity ensuring a lighter environmental footprint. The living areas include a dining room, lounge, plunge pool and an open fire area for those convivial evening fireside tales. There is a log pile hide overlooking the waterhole in front of camp where guests can enjoy wildlife viewing during the siesta hours.

Activities at Little Makalolo Camp centre on open 4×4 Land Rover game drives and guided nature walks throughout the Makalolo concession. The area’s large number of waterholes attracts game in both quantity and variety, especially in the winter months when Hwange is literally home to a Noah’s Ark parade of animals as they come down to quench their thirst.

Makalolo is one of the best areas for seeing impressive herds of buffalo and elephant as well as apex predators such as lion, leopard, wilddog and cheetah. Other general game is very abundant in the Park.Bird life in the area is prolific (400+) and varied, with species frequenting teak woodlands as well as those more typical of the drier Kalahari being present.

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris



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Chinzombo camp



Wildly luxurious, and designed by award winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, Chinzombo brings levels of comfort, style and elegance previously unseen to the Luangwa Valley.

The old Chinzombo Camp was for years the green season base for Norman Carr way back in the 1970’s.  The camp is super-luxurious but retains its bush feel with grass and canvas walls and spacious living areas that melt into the exquisite surroundings of the beautiful, tranquil site.

Gigantic, ancient shade trees offer peace and tranquility for guests staying in any one of the six stunning villas, one of which is a family suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for families or small groups. Each villa will has its own private pool, cooled sleeping areas, and massive bathroom.

The camp is set within 60 acres of private land with Luangwa River frontage; the views from its riverside location which teems with wildlife, plus the private, direct access into one of the most game rich areas of the National Park all combine to make this a truly special place.

Chinzombo Camp is the perfect place from which to explore the majestic wilds of the Luangwa in style, luxury and exclusivity – all year round.

Images and Copy courtesy of Norman Carr Safaris

Chongwe River House



033_Chongwe House Dawn_large

Chongwe House sits on the serene and breathtaking bank of the Chongwe River, after which it was named. It was originally crafted by prominent designer Neil Rocher, who described his inspiration here: The Chongwe River has the feel of a fairy glen filled with adventure and mystery and I wanted the House to reflect this, it had to be an adventure filled with new discoveries like textures, views, angles etc that would slowly unravel over time. I also wanted it to feel natural and blend into the area but with a feeling of uniqueness that you would find no ware else.

Sleeping eight guests in four, vast bedrooms with private ensuite bathrooms, the bedrooms are arranged over two floors and have their own outdoor sitting area. Outdoor bathtubs in the two upstairs rooms allow bathers to completely immerse themselves in the wilderness experience and innovative showers echo the waterfalls of the upper river.

The Chongwe area is famous for huge male elephants and from all rooms you will have game in view, feeding, drinking and playing, along and often in, the River. Chongwe River House is fully hosted on a private basis and has its own safari guide and game viewing vehicle, allowing for exclusive activities to be offered to guests. It is ideal to experience the bush with friends or family, however it is big enough to find a quiet space to think, reflect and appreciate your spectacular surroundings.

Images and Copy courtesy of Norman Carr Safaris


Shumba Camp

Shumba Camp is located in the centre of the Busanga Plains, home to hundreds of red lechwe, ubiquitous puku, stately roan and the diminutive oribi. Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, herds of wildebeest, zebra and buffalo make for a full set of antelope all of which move onto the Plains as the dry season progresses. This wealth of game is a big attraction for predators, including wild dog, cheetah and prides of lion.

Shumba Camp comprises six spacious luxury safari tents on raised platforms with spectacular views of the surrounding plains. The rooms are large, en-suite with both indoor and outdoor showers. The dining and bar area is elevated so as to take in this vista and each morning’s sunrise; dinner takes place either here or in the cosy boma where guests can also enjoy elements of local Zambian culture. Many meals are prepared and cooked on the fire in front of the guests enhancing the safari experience. A maximum of 12 guests can be accommodated at any one time and great emphasis has been placed on the “guided” experience – being led by qualified, enthusiastic people with in-depth knowledge of the area and its wildlife. Guests have the option of game drives in and around the Plains and night drives provide the added excitement of the nocturnal wonders of the area.

Shumba Camp is perfectly situated to take advantage of the plains game and predator concentrations of the Busanga Plains, being situated as it is within close proximity to permanent water and having easy access to a mix of seasonal and permanent floodplains. Shumba is named after a favourite species in the area – prides of lion sometimes up to 20 strong! Viewing of species like puku, lechwe and hippo is possible for much of the day from the comfort of your tent or the main deck, while the camp’s fig trees ensure both shade and constant bird activity in the canopy above.
Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris


Barotse Tiger fishing Camp


Discover a fishing paradise hidden within the heart of Zambia’s remote Barotse Flood plains. Enjoy stylish Afro-colonial hospitality and tented luxury reminiscent of a bygone era Experience the thrill of a truly unique and exhilarating fishing experience that is the Barotse Tiger Camp.

Established in 2008, the Barotse Tiger Camp is Angle Zambia’s latest innovation, offering fishing enthusiasts and guest’s world-class tented luxury accommodation and unparalleled guided fly fishing adventures in one of the most pristine and remote freshwater fishing locations on earth. Hidden within the upper reaches of the mighty Zambezi’s 20 000km2 Barotse Flood plain, this unique setting is nestled within a secluded paradise of lush bushland and untouched river waters teeming with Barotse tiger fish as well as several species of bream. This abundant eco-system exists due to the remoteness of Barotseland, which forms part of the Kingdom of the Lozi and is situated in western Zambia, stretching the length of the Zambezi River

You will fly directly from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa to camp and your aircraft and pilot will remain with you for the duration of your stay. The other option would be to fly to either Livingstone or Lusaka via a commercial carrier from Johannesburg, South Africa then connect with a charter company to camp.

Each of the six sumptuous river-front tents are situated within their own private setting, with unforgettable views across the river and the Flood-plain and are equipped with single or double beds fitted with unobtrusive mosquito nets. With each tent having en-suite bathroom facilities offering guests hot and cold running water, flush toilets, marble basins and private out-door showers.
The main tented area offers guests an opulent and relaxing atmosphere, comprising a stylish bar and lounge tent and separate dining tent – the perfect settings in which to relax and enjoy sun-downers and fine cuisine prepared by our in-house chef after a long day of fishing on the Zambezi.

At Barotse Tiger Camp fishing is the order of the day in our customized 18 ft aluminum boats equipped with GPS fish finder combo’s, especially designed for anglers. Comfortably accommodating two fly fishermen, each boat is skippered by one of our knowledgeable and experienced local river guides. Teeming with huge schools of fish, particularly tiger-fish and several species of bream, including threespot and nembwe, daily excursions deliver action and excitement. The Barotse tiger-fish are undoubtedly among the biggest in the world and this region boasts most of the IGFA records. The feisty Barotse tiger-fish never disappoint with their acrobatic and powerful runs and the thrill of regularly hooking and landing trophy tiger-fish, is a truly exhilarating experience

Fishing the Barotse Flood plains will surely excite even the most avid and experienced of fishermen. And for those anglers fortunate enough to experience the Tigers of Barotse, the longing to cast your line into the Zambezi once more will haunt you until your next trip into the remote adventure that is Barotseland.

Copy and Images courtesy of Barotse and AngleZambia


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Singita Grumeti lodges – Sasakwa Lodge



Singita Sasakwa Lodge 1

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is one of three Singita lodges in this enormous private concession (340 000 acres), which means that you’ll have this wild stretch of Africa all to yourself. Sasakwa Lodge is built in the style of an Edwardian manor house. Stone walls, deep verandas, high ceilings, stately furniture, silverware and ornamental pieces complete the picture. Each cottage has a private infinity-edge pool overlooking ‘where the land stretches to forever’. The bedrooms with inviting four-posters are beautifully appointed, displaying typical African influences with touches of wood, leather and grass, alongside crisp linens, imported chandeliers and hand-crafted furniture.

• Nine luxurious cottages and a private retreat.
• At any one time Sasakwa can accommodate a total of 34 guests.
• Cottage configurations: 6 x 1 bedroom, 2 x 2 bedrooms, 1 x 3 bedrooms, 1 x 4 bedrooms (private retreat).
• The Private Retreat(4 bedrooms) contains a basement nanny flat, which has two twin bedrooms, both en-suite
• Each air-conditioned cottage features a bedroom, en-suite bathroom with bath and shower, lounge with fireplace, dressing area, a guest toilet, veranda with a Swarovski spotting scope and a heated infinity plunge pool.
• Cottages have a personal bar and fridge, electronic safe, direct dial telephone (US lines) and wireless internet access.
• There is wheelchair access to certain cottages.
• Tariffs include all-suite accommodation, three meals per day, all drinks, including premium wines, spirits and liqueurs (excluding vintage champagne, champagne, and vintage wines on the connoisseurs wine list) and open Land Rover safaris accompanied by an experienced guide.
• With the exception of Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge, children of all ages are welcomeat our lodges and bookings are subject to availability. In the interest of safety, participation of children in any game activities (drives/walks/bike rides) is at the discretion of their guide. At Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge children over the age of 10 are welcome.

Other available services include:
• Spa, yoga and gym facilities.
• Shopping – The Singita Shop stocks a range of African artifacts and curios.
• Wireless internet access.
• Satellite television in the main lodge.
• Fun activities such as archery, lawn croquet, stargazing safaris, mountain biking and tennis are all available.
• The Equestrian Centre is situated adjacent to Sasakwa Lodge and is home to eighteen horses. Experienced riders can enjoy out-rides on the Serengeti Plains.
• A balloon safari across the plains of the Serengeti

Copy and images courtesy of Singita

Singita Grumeti lodges – Sabora Lodge


Reminiscent of a bygone era, Sabora Tented Camp dishes up lavish doses of romance, exploration and intrigue. Creating the feel of a lavish tent, each canvas cocoon offers opulent luxury complete with antique mahogany travel chests, Persian rugs and silk curtains.
Sip sundowners on the deck and gaze over the waterhole – you never know what you might see. At Sabora, we delight in creating delicious feasts using locally grown organic produce, coupled with vintage wines, in surprise settings. Imagine dining beneath a lamp-lit acacia or under the boughs of a large ‘Sausage’ tree, with starlit skies and the distant chorus of nocturnal creatures.

• Nine luxury air-conditioned tents each featuring an en suite bathroom with a bath and outdoor shower, dressing area, reading area, viewing deck with Swarovski spotting scope and a library lounge tent.
• Sabora Tented Camp accommodates 18 guests.
• Each tent has an electronic safe, standing fan, hairdryer, direct dial telephone (US lines) and wireless internet access.
• The main area of the camp offers a dining room, bar lounge with satellite television, DVD player and library, elevated viewing deck and a swimming pool.
• Tariffs include all-suite accommodation, three meals per day, all drinks, including premium wines, spirits and liqueurs (excluding vintage champagne, champagne, and vintage wines on the connoisseurs wine list) and open Land Rover safaris accompanied by an experienced guide.
• With the exception of Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge, children of all ages are welcome at our lodges and bookings are subject to availability. In the interest of safety, participation of children in any game activities (drives/walks/bike rides) is at the discretion of their guide. At Singita Sabora Tented Camp and Singita Lebombo Lodge children over the age of 10 are welcome.

Other available services include:
• Spa and gym facilities.
• Shopping – The Singita Shop stocks a range of African artefacts and curios.
• Wireless internet access.
• Satellite television in the main tents.
• Fun activities such as archery, stargazing safaris, mountain biking and tennis are all available.
• The Equestrian Centre is situated adjacent to Sasakwa Lodge and is home to sixteen horses. Experienced riders can enjoy out-rides on the Serengeti Plains. Tack is English style and guests have the choice of English or Western saddles.
• A balloon safari across the plains of the Serengeti

Other facilities available at Sabora Lodge (10km):
• The Equestrian Centre is situated adjacent to Sasakwa Lodge and is home to sixteen horses. Experienced riders can enjoy out-rides on the Serengeti Plains. Tack is English style and guests have the choice of English or Western saddles.
• Yoga facilities.

Copy and pictures courtesy of Singita


Singita Mara River Tented Camp


Situated in the northern most tip of the Serengeti National Park, Lamai Triangle, Tanzania, Singita Mara River Tented Camp offers guests the chance to spend time in this stunning yet remote area, with one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Serengeti National Park.

With endless views of the Mara River, and with the camp built to have a minimal impact on the environment, it provides guests with an intense closeness to nature.

The camp accommodates up to 16 guests between 6 luxury tents. Two of these, known as the family tents, consist of two tents joined by a short covered walkway with shared deck. The tents are being designed in a bohemian-chic style incorporating lots of light and natural materials, with all the quality you would expect from a ‘Singita’ property. Design features include en-suite outdoor bathrooms with a viewing section in the screen wall to allow for beautiful views from the bathtub.

The camp is closed in March & April when there are long rains (good grass and game viewing after this). Otherwise this area is superb throughout the rest of the year. There is prolific game viewing in the Serengeti National Park from June until March with the best months for the migration being July to November.

Copy and pictures courtesy of Singita


Mwiba lodge 


Mwiba Lodge, the newest addition to the Legendary Expeditions’ portfolio, is set among massive stone boulders, ancient coral trees and acacias, overlooking the Arugusinyai River cascading down its rocky gorge. Vast and privately controlled, this exquisite 126,000 acre wildlife reserve is lush with color-infused botanicals, saturated with wildlife and features 33 freshwater springs.

The interiors are an artful combination of both traditional and modern design elements, and the architecture breathes life into the landscape’s behemoth boulders.

The lounge invites relaxation with ease and style, and looks over the riches of the undulating landscape beyond. One level below from the cool respite of the infinity pool, guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of a constant parade of wildlife coming to drink from the valley’s springs.

The ten double suites all give way to a wide-open layout, conceived with the aim of making the most of each spectacular vantage point. Inside, traditional canvas accented with copper features, vast soaking tubs, private outdoor showers and hardwood decks conspire to offer an experience of the wilderness unlike any before.

Images and copy courtesy Legendary Expeditions

Greystoke Mahale – Walking with Chimpanzees

9798300685_3228383420_z  9798243885_017a8e5b57_z




Greystoke Mahale has just 6 wood and thatch bandas set on the edge of the forest line at the base of the mountains. Each one has an en-suite bathroom – accessible by a short boardwalk – with hot and cold running water, strong showers and flush toilets. Dressing room and upstairs chill-out deck. Dine in the main mess banda on the beach and enjoy sundowners in the bar on the rocks at the end of the beach. The rooms are almost entirely made from sustainable materials sourced on Lake Tanganyika. The main mess is the only structure on the beach and it’s the focal point of camp.  Here is where you can look out over the lake to the mountains of the Congo in the haze beyond.

Your days can start there, eating breakfast whilst waiting to hear news of the chimps and deciding what to do with your day. Evenings end with sundowners on the rocks of the headland, where drinks are served around the lamp-lit bar whilst the mountains,  rising behind  camp, disappear into the darkness. Once the chimps have been located, you will start you hike and then start the magical experience that will change your life! A once in a lifetime experience that cannot be explained, only experienced. Greystoke affects you in a way that no other place does; we think it’s because of its remoteness, and because of the mountains rising from the beach at our backs, the wide lake with its many different moods and the feeling that we are the only ones here.

In term of activities besides the chimps, hike the forest paths looking for birds and butterflies, as well as the other shy mammals who quietly live there. Swim in ice-cold pools up in the mountain waterfalls, take a kayak out for a dawn paddle towards the middle of the lake; drink your morning coffee there and enjoy the sunrise coming up over the mountains. Go for sundowners on the old wooden dhow,  lazily following the shoreline and stopping to fish along the way, or just relax on the warm sands of the beach with a drink in hand.

Images and copy courtesy of Nomad Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge


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The Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania, once a gigantic volcano, is the largest intact caldera in the world. Some maintain that before it erupted, it would have been higher than Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. Today, long since having collapsed and eroded, it is an extensive highland area with the famous 600 m deep Ngorongoro Crater as its focal point. Nearly three million years old, the ancient caldera shelters one of the most beautiful wildlife havens on earth. Endangered black rhino are protected within its rim, giant tusked elephants wander the forests, black-maned lions stalk the grasslands, and flamingoes crowd the soda lakes. An estimated 25 000 large mammals are resident in this bowl of plenty, including a population of approximately 6 000 resident wildebeest, 16 highly endangered black rhino and around 70 lions. Cheetah move in and out of the Crater, while leopard are most often encountered in the spectacular Lerai Forest. &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, consistently recognised as one of the world’s most luxurious and elegant places to stay, sits right on the edge of the Crater, offering unbeatable views of one of the natural travel wonders of the world.

Perched above cool swirling mists on the edge of the Crater, &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge’s sumptuous safari suites offer breathtaking views. Inspired in design by the Maasai mud and stick manyatta (homestead), this is without doubt one of the most architecturally spectacular safari lodges in Africa. Three separate and intimate camps totalling just 30 suites in all are reminiscent of a bygone era. Steeped in romance, each stilted, handcrafted mud and thatch suite is adorned with graceful antiques, grand chandeliers and elegant African treasures. The bedroom, sitting room and ensuite bathroom boast floor-to-ceiling glass windows, overlooking the magnificent Crater below. Beaded chandeliers hang above large gilt mirrors, and antiques, billowing raw silk curtains and leatherbacked chairs blend harmoniously with African art elements. Ensuite bathrooms, with a centrepiece of red roses, feature huge showers and chandelier-lit bathtubs. Personal butlers discreetly tend to guests’ every need, bringing tea in bed, stoking fireplaces and drawing luxurious baths. Described as “Maasai meets Versailles”, each camp has its own guest sitting and dining areas and viewing decks. The domed dining room, with its fireplace, crystal, silver and massive wooden platters, turns every meal into a special occasion.

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Mnemba Island – Zanzibar


More than 1 200 years ago, the silhouettes of three-cornered Arab dhows were first spotted across the horizon of the Indian Ocean waters washing Africa’s eastern shores. These traders had happened upon an island of such exquisite beauty that they filled their parchment manuscripts with tales detailing the picturesque sights. This scented land of coconuts and spices was so idyllic that the Sultan of Oman decided to move the seat of his empire to these shores they named Zayn Zal Barr, meaning “fair is the island.” Today the Zanzibar Archipelago is still bathed in the heady scents of cloves and cinnamon, and traditional dhows still drift across the horizon. Off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar lies the private &Beyond Mnemba Island – an island inhabited only by guests and the staff taking care of them. Just 1.5 km in circumference, Mnemba is surrounded by an atoll of breathtaking coral reefs, and boasts some of Africa’s most magnificent dive sites. The calm, azure seas surrounding Mnemba offer irresistible snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fly fishing, windsurfing and permanent swimming directly from the beach. Turtle season occurs between April and August (however layings can occur year round), and these prehistoric creatures can be seen laying their eggs on the beaches. Within nine weeks, the beaches are filled with tiny turtle hatchlings. This exquisite, private island with its white coral sand beaches and spectacular coral reefs is renowned as one of the most romantic ocean destinations in the world, offering a privacy and rustic exclusivity unparalleled on the African coastline.

A mere 90-minute drive from Stone Town across the main Zanzibar Island, through the lush spice plantations, are the inviting shores of the Zanzibar Archipelago. Guests wade knee-deep to an awaiting boat for a 20-minute crossing and a warm reception. Pure unfettered bliss is the allure of &Beyond Mnemba, where the dawn is greeted by dove song and the smell of coconut bread baking in a woodstove. &Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge offers a sheer unpretentious paradise – just ten rustic palm-frond bandas are tucked in a tropical forest fringed by a white coral sand beach. A covered walkway leads to a shuttered ensuite bathroom with huge glass beaded shower. Zanzibar is famous for its intricate, detailed woodcarvings and the scrolled headboards adorning the beds are created by some of the Island’s most skilled artisans. Built-in barazas on the veranda are perfect for afternoon siestas, and private beach salas feature traditional Zanzibari loungers for languid hours. Thatched dining and sitting/bar areas have beautiful open views of the beach and spectacular vistas of Zanzibar beyond. Baskets of fresh fruit, fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns are sailed into Mnemba daily on traditional ngalawa outriggers. Lunch is often served on large wooden carved Zanzibar platters heaped with delicious mezze. Romantic candlelit dinners are served on the beach with the waves gently lapping at guests’ feet. Private beach dinners delight newlyweds and not-so newlyweds alike.

Copy and Images courtesy of &Beyond.


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Mara Plains Camp


Imagine a camp set right in the heart of some of the greatest predator country of Africa… This is Mara Plains Camp, located on the northern border of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in the 30,000 acre Olare Orok Conservancy. Rarely a night passes without lion roaring nearby, while leopard are regularly found to wander through the camp and cheetah have established territories on the savannah nearby the main area.

Mara Plains Camp is a small, high quality, seven-roomed camp under canvas and on raised decks with sweeping views across Kenya’s notable savannahs. It is among the smallest and most personal camps in the Masai Mara region. It is just one of three camps currently operating within the Olare Orok Conservancy, which boasts the region’s lowest vehicle density with no mini-buses, and only one guest room per 700 acres!

Here, it is possible to avoid the high tourist density of the Masai Mara Game Reserve proper, if desired. In total, guests of Mara Plains have access to over 100,000 acres of low-density vehicle tourism lands as well as an additional 375,000 acres within the Masai Mara Game Reserve itself. Mara Plains offers possibly the widest range of activities anywhere in the greater Masai Mara – early morning and late afternoon and night game drives, balloon safaris (at extra cost), authentic local village visits and unrivalled access to superior wildlife habitats.

Images and copy courtesy of Great Plains Conservation

Sala’s Camp


Sala’s Camp is a classic tented camp tucked in a bend of the Sand River in one of the Mara’s last untouched corners. With views towards the Serengeti and across the Northern Corridor, this is the first and last stop for the thousands of wildebeest and zebra that pass through. This means that Sala’s has the longest migration season in the Mara. Its guests get front row seats to one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

The camp itself is made up of seven tents, six twin/double tents and one big honeymoon suite/family tent. All of them are extremely comfortable with large beds, soft white linens, hanging cupboards, sink area and en-suite bathroom with flushing loo. Meaning guests can enjoy the original under canvas experience with some modern comforts, such as electricity and hot running water.

Before and after game drives guests convene in the lovely mess tent, with a beautiful lawn area, day bed for some time with a good book, bar and dining table which is littered with candles at night time. As the sun sets the camp fire is lit, drinks poured and bitings served. Whilst guest enjoy outstanding dinners amazingly produced from a bush kitchen, tents are closed up, beds turned down and hot water bottles tucked under the covers. Every detail is considered at this truly special camp inside the famous Mara Reserve.

Images and copy courtesy of the Safari Collection


ol Donyo Lodge


Imagine…275,000 acres of scenic Africa, where the wildlife can be found free and roaming, without tourists in mini buses or a set schedule.
Imagine…travelling across the archetypal savannahs of East Africa in an open 4×4 game drive vehicle without limitation, feeling the rhythm of Africa beneath your feet as you walk with expert trackers, or horseback riding with Mt. Kilimanjaro as a backdrop.
Imagine…exploring this paradise, and then coming home to one of the most luxurious small lodges in East Africa where a hot bath, in or outdoor shower, or private swimming pool await – all with inspiring views across the expansive plains, plus delicious food, charming hosts and world-class service.

ol Donyo Lodge is in the heart of the 275,000 acre Mbirikani Group Ranch, located on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills National Park between the Amboseli and Tsavo West National Parks in southeast Kenya. Its location is unrivalled with full views of Mount Kilimanjaro and in the path of seasonal elephant migrations. It is a lodge rich in history, passion and conservation.
ol Donyo Lodge’s founder Richard Bonham had often flown over this spectacular landscape but one day in the 1980s, he was moved to land his Cessna on the open plains and meet the local Maasai. That was only the first of many meetings, before the birth of a pioneering community conservation tourism project. The concept was simple: Richard brings guests to this remote group ranch to participate in safaris, and the Maasai share the benefits. But nothing in Africa is that simple, really. And so began a life-long relationship with the Maasai, the wildlife and the game ranch.
ol Donyo Lodge is a 20-bed lodge, rebuilt and redesigned in 2008, and perched on a hillside, with no two suites or villas the same. What is consistent is the attention to detail, the comfortable yet utterly luxurious décor and the tradition of greatness. Regarded as one of the most attractive lodges in East Africa, ol Donyo Lodge is a place to call home for as long as possible.
There is a range of activities available – from cultural visits, good quality wildlife viewing and tracking, horseback riding and mountain biking – ol Donyo Lodge is a holistic experience.

Images and copy courtesy of Great Plains Conservation


Segera lodges 



A visit to the Laikipia region guarantees a unique experience filled with the vibrant culture, wildlife and serenity of a landscape found at the foothills of Mount Kenya, which in itself is a spectacular site. Considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild and scarcely populated northern frontier country, Laikipia’s ranches are home to both cattle and wildlife. In recent years the latter has become a valuable asset, with many of the surrounding ranches establishing guest lodges. This has resulted in a hugely positive impact on the land, its wildlife and conservation.

It is on this basis that Segera functions. Located right in the centre of these highlands, Segera plays an important role in the conservation of these lands. Opening its doors on 1 July 2012, guests will have the opportunity to appreciate this rare sanctuary in exceptional luxury. Run on solar energy, accommodation consists of seven private two-storey villas of wood and thatch that gaze out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the spectacular Mount Kenya. Within the privacy of the villas, a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom fill the upstairs space under spectacular timber trusses. A private sun deck in the garden offers comfortable sun loungers for soaking up the African sun and a swing bed for whiling the hours away; while a Jacuzzi bath, sunk into the deck outside the bedroom, has a pleasing vantage point.

Also overlooking Mount Kenya, the Paddock House and Arrivals Paddock form the main areas, complimented by the beautifully renovated stables, complete with bar and library filled with selected art of locally and internationally acclaimed artists. Guests are further spoiled for choice with a spa, gym and central pool offering an outdoor dining area with a deck, sun loungers and gazebos. Meals and private dining are served al fresco in a number of locations or in the various reception rooms. The superb cuisine comprises Segera’s own free-range beef and organic vegetables. All of this is complimented by Segera’s excellent service.

Adhering to its purpose, activities on Segera’s “4C Menu” include, amongst others, the opportunity to engage with local cultures, spending time with the resident staff of the Zeitz Foundation to learn more about the complexities of conservation and community, and of course experiencing the species diversity and wildlife of Laikipia, including 365 bird species, through game drives, walks, hides and sleep-outs.

Images and Copy courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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