Privately Guided Safaris


Guiding is not just about being at a place or knowing the animals and specific habitat around you. It’s about the stories, experiences and the fun had while knowing that you are witnessing creation at its core. It’s about getting people out of their comfort zones and getting guests to see this world from another perspective, re-connecting with lost feelings and immersing yourself in a completely new experience. What an adventure!


Safari Architects prides itself on creating world class safari experiences and itineraries. What sets us apart is that we privately charter and lead these safaris so that there is one of our private guides to facilitate every experience along the way. Our guides will join these safaris all over Africa and facilitate the essential link between the incredible natural world and the guests that are here to experience it. From the wildlife and natural world, to the incredible cuisine and the most luxurious lodges, they will make sure that every experience is maximized.

Chris, on a boat cruising down the Nile River in Uganda.

Brad relaxing and looking over a baobab filled floodplain the Pafuri region, Kruger National Park

Mike at Lanner Gorge.

Any experience can be organized. A little fun in the river, no problem!

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