Wildlife Conservation Safaris


To help save a species and be involved in an operation whereby we are preserving willdlife for future generations is something I will ever forget…


Wildlife Conservation Safaris or game capture safaris are based around wildlife conservation and the work that has to be done to preserve the future of some of our iconic wildlife species. With these safaris, you will actively participate in the big game capture of wildlife species in some of the most well known wildlife areas of Africa. This can be added on to an existing safari itinerary, or we can focus a whole safari around conservation and the work that goes on everyday in wildlife reserves around Africa. Help conserve by day, and live in luxury by night.

These experiences also facilitate the necessary funding for ┬áinvolvement in wildlife research and conservation. Guests leave humbled from a rewarding experience, proud of being involved in the wildlife research and conservation for our future generations to enjoy. There are also numerous organizations and projects that guests can become a part of, further adding to the longevity of their contribution to these wonderful initiatives. We support the “Rhinos without Borders” initiative as well as the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust”.

A keeper at the David Sheldrick wildlife trust helps to guide a young elephant into the wild.

Getting a white rhino into the correct position so that it falls may be moved into a transport crate.

Helicopter pilots guide the rhinos into the ideal place so that once darted they are easily accessible, minimizing the stress on the animal.

It takes a team effort to help move these massive creatures. To be a part of the experience is a once in a lifetime moment.

The eyes and ears are covered to minimize sensory stress.

Data measurements and horn samples are taken for research purposes. Get involved and help the scientists.


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