Safari Architects has made a decision to get involved and support conservation projects that are important and making a difference in the preservation of iconic species. We will be supporting the “Rhinos without borders” initiative. Every safari that is confirmed, we will donate a portion of the profit to this amazing project. Below are more details.

Great Plains Conservation has committed alongside industry partner andBeyond to undertake a relocation of rhinos on a magnitude never done before – to relocate no less than 100 rhino from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana. By mid-2015, this relocation operation will take place with an assertive and elaborate anti-poaching force and strong commitment to save this species.

Why Are We Doing This?

This initiative is about taking rhinos from existing, high density populations which are attracting more and more poaching, and releasing them into the wild within a country that has low densities of rhino and the best anti- poaching record on the continent. It also secures rhino breeding diversity and provides a nucleus of stock in a different location, so that these animals are not all concentrated in one location. It’s not a rescue, but it could be considered an Ark for rhino genes.

This is, however, a story of hope for rhinos, where conservationists, individuals, as well as industry and tourism professionals roll up their sleeves and do something positive for two species that cannot speak for themselves and cannot protect themselves from our greed, corruption and abject stupidity.

If we can counter every unkindness with a kindness, every selfish act with a selfless one, and every atrocity against nature, with an equal and opposite proactive move like ‘Rhinos Without Borders,’ we will slowly win this battle for Africa.

‘Rhinos Without Borders’ is a joint venture between Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond combining our joint fundraising and project management effort.



To donate or to learn more, follow the link below:

Images and copy courtesy of Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond

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